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Your Grandpappy’s Ass Kickings

You know I’m a fan of dat sweet, sweet giffage. I won’t be happy until gifs take over the net, transforming websites into virtual Harry Potter newspapers where every image moves and hypnotizes and murders your mobile data plan. So I’ve really been digging Zombie Prophet’s heavy gif flow over at Bloody Elbow. Where once it looked like ZP was gonna have to cease operations after the UFC sent him a friendly cease and desist, he’s now got a bigger audience than ever and is using it to preach the gospel of gif.

His latest collaboration is with “Combat Sports’ Premier Analyst” Jack Slack (nice quill bro), and together they travel back in time to the 50s when boxing was king and people actually got knocked out. Check out part 1 here and part 2 here, and maybe leave a comment saying you dig this stuff so Bloody Elbow does more of this. Personally I think what the MMA world really needs is more articles about TUF ratings and twitter beefs between fighters, but getting some nu-school scholar shit like this from time to time is nice too.