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Your daily dose of Starnes

Yup, everyone is still talking about this one. First up there was word from American Top Team that Kalib Starnes was used as an example of “How not to represent ATT” by instructor Ricardo Liborio. There was a lot of rumors floating around with quotes from high ranking ATT peeps saying Starnes was out so ATT released this on the subject:

Having said that, ATT takes tremendous pride in creating an environment where our members are treated with loyalty and respect. It is no coincidence that “ATT Family” is a common tattoo on many of our coaches and fighters. Expelling a fighter following a poor performance would not be consistent with this philosophy.

Ricardo Liborio did in fact address our fighters following a recent training session regarding what it takes to represent ATT as a professional fighter. The essence of his statements (which were obviously meant to be private) was that ATT sets high standards for its members and it is not possible to reach those standards unless a fighter dedicates himself to the program 100% and participates in all team training sessions. He stressed that anyone deviating from that mandate will not be allowed to train with or represent ATT in the future. Kalib’s preparation for this fight was used by Liborio as an example of what he does and does not expect of his fighters in the future.

Next up we’ve got Kalib on the Sherdog forums clearing the air and saying he didn’t throw the fight and just wasn’t able to figure out a way to win. Perhaps if this was the only thing he’d ever said about the situation people would cut him some slack. As it stands, this quote is one paragraph out of 15 or so, and gets lost in the humming and hawing:

I found myself in a fight where I couldn’t stand with the guy, he was awkward and he hit hard having almost knocked me out three times in the fight, I couldn’t take him down and work my ground game (I got him down only once and just managed to land a few shots because he got up so fast), and so I felt like I could either keep moving or get knocked out. Then late in the third he started to mock me out of frustration, but really at that point, I was just a solidly beaten fighter who was trying not to get knocked out, and had fallen into a pattern that I couldn’t get out of. It was the worst athletic performance of my life.

Last but not least, Jake Rossen pays tribute to Kalib by compiling a list of the “10 Most Embarrassing MMA Performances“. Shit like this blows my mind, and I’m supposed to be the cocksucker of the MMA scene. I think the reason Rossen’s “Worst Performance / Should Retire / Totally Washed Up” lists are so evil is he’s not joking around – he’s just being a fucking prick, and so is Sherdog’s editorial staff for commissioning stuff like that.

And with that I’m pretty much done with the whole Kalib Starnes situation and everything surrounding it. You’d think a guy getting fired from his job should be enough for everyone, but it seems like no one will be happy till they drive the dude out of the fighting game. OVER ONE FIGHT. At this point it feels more like a mindless hate than a reasonable response. So honestly, that’s it from me about Starnes. There’s a lot more interesting people to mock out there.

  • Tom K says:

    I paid $45 for UFC 83 on PPV. I would have liked Starnes a lot more if he would have had his corner throw in the towel at the end of the 2nd round so we could have had a shot at seeing the tape delay of the Maia/Herman fight. But instead, we got to see Starnes suck it up for another 5 minutes. I bet he still has his job today (and a few more people would like him) if he quit due to injury instead of just running around for 5/10 minutes.

  • Aaron says:

    -So honestly, that’s it from me about Starnes. There’s a lot more interesting people to mock out there.-

    agreed. I really wish he’d said something like that paragraph at the beginning, and left it at that. Oh well.

  • #1 jackal says:

    “So honestly, that’s it from me about Starnes. There’s a lot more interesting people to mock out there.”

    and that is what i like about fightlinker. they stop beating the same dead horse and they move on to better shit to talk about. i am willing to place money that the other sites will still be talking about shitty starnes next week.

  • did I mention smelly starnes had smelly feet at the public workout session?

  • Dangerfield says:

    finally someone agrees with me and its a canadian to boot

  • dignan says:

    Seriously, where are all the mother fuckers who bashed me for calling Starnes out for months and months before the fight?

    We have heard every fucking excuse in the book from a protest(which he renegged on), a broken foot(which he isn’t mentioning anymore), and now he just got beat bad.

    He also is blaming people for why he called them fucking faggots(who actually says faggot other than faggots?) because they called him first.

    Sticks and Stones Starnes. Sticks and Stones.

    He basically admits in this last bunch of bullshit that he is a fucking pussy ass wimp who had his ass handed to him by a a practical nobody.

    I hope he enjoys being that big disgraced fish in that small fucking pond, whereever the fuck you train with your Brown Boy Posse in Surrey.

  • Michaelthebox says:

    Fuck Starnes. Seriously, fuck Starnes.

    This would have all blown over if he was man enough to come out with a statement the next day “I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking, I was hurt and I didn’t know how to fight Quarry but I was too pig-stubborn to just quit and give you guys time to watch a pre-lim. I apologize for my crappy performance and hope you guys can forgive me, maybe not now, but some time.”

    Instead he’s throwing every excuse in the book at the wall to see what sticks. He’s blamed his injuries, the UFC, the fans, everybody except his own damn stupidity. He’s a headcase. Fuck him, he’ll never appear in a major show ever again.

  • Oh he will. My bet is someone will book him against a big angry dude who they hope can pound him out. Or maybe him and Lutter can fight for “Biggest Disappointment to fans everywhere”

  • Aaron says:

    “whereever the fuck you train with your Brown Boy Posse in Surrey.”

    ahahaha! did you notice them trying to start pulling their attitude out in the ring, like they were all gonne fight quarry’s corner? that’s why I stay the fuck outta surrey!

    Man, it’s hard to live down a track record in this sport, but even harder to justify my argument that people shouldn’t be judged based on their track records. They just keep ‘running with it’, and make it worse by criticizing their critics.

  • mike o says:

    Starnes: “It turned out he was better than me, so I decided to give up on winning and run away”

    YEAH WE KNOW YOU DID, THATS WHY WE ARE PISSED OFF. fucker treating it like its a valid excuse.

  • RL Dookiefuck says:

    How does James Thompson not make that top 10 list at least three times?