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You stay classy, MMA

Can EliteXC manage to put on a show that doesn’t devolve into Jerry Springer-esque insanity? Apparently not, as the above video proves. This is Nick Diaz crashing KJ Noons’ post fight celebration, and the ruckus which ensues. Perhaps if Diaz had actually come close to hitting 160 pounds, I’d understand his presence. Perhaps if he’d had as impressive of a fight as Noons had, I’d be less annoyed. But as entertained as I was by everything that happened, one thought came through louder than all the rest: Man, the Diaz brothers are fucking punks.

  • dubside says:

    pure theater.

  • crs says:

    I can’t believe so many people are so upset by this. It was clearly staged to create interest in a mediocre rematch between Noons and Diaz. Cheap? Definitely. But this is EXC we’re talking about. But I’m sure Dana isn’t thrilled about one of his fighters being involved in it.

  • JoeRoganIsAnAss says:

    1:19: I think he’s ready to cry…

    No, I don’t find this pure theatre. The beef is pretty legit all be it degenerate (and simulatinously entertaining). KJ Poons is afraid of the Diaz Bros.

    It’s been two fights for Nick since, and now it’s time to stop ducking that ass whoopin, Karl.

  • Alex says:

    That’s just pro-wrestling. No wonder bill goldberg was involved

  • Lifer says:

    my favorite quote from the event:

    “Respect can now be used in a sentence with elitexc lightweight champion KJ … Noons!” – stephen ‘the fight professor’ quadros

    we definitely had no respect for him before the event.

  • Omomatta says:

    my favorite quote from the event from Mr. Noons speaking about the Diaz Brothers.

    “punk ass niggaz” 1:37 of video.

  • Omomatta says:

    very very sad.

  • Lifer says:

    I thought I heard KING KARL yelling something at Nate Diaz about meeting him in the lobby?

    ALSO did anyone notice Quadros’ eyeballs?? i swear to god he had slitted pupils meaning he’s of reptilian descent or he’s gone goth. which is it? please, if you have this event recorded in any form go back and look deeply into his eyes. is it a trick of the light or am i hallucinating? it’s fucking freaking me out.

  • Suparaf says:

    someone needs to post a video of the whole KJ Noons vs Edwards post fight.

    After the fight Edwards is visibly upset and walking to his corner and big dumb goldberg comes and says something like wait Yves come here. Yves turns back comes next to goldberg and then goldberg turns around and starts addressing KJ.

  • dignan says:

    Noons kicked serious ass. I hate the fact he is really good.

    Diaz looked brutal.

  • Kanos says:

    “It’s high drama at high Noons!”

  • milzy says:

    What the hell was noons old man going to do. Nate wouldve smashed his face in just like Nick is going to do in the rematch.

  • Adolf Noons says:

    KJ Noons’ dad is a hate-mongering racist.

  • TIGERTAO says:

    Damn, I bet Gary Shaw set the whole thing up, all is forgiven Dana, Gary Shaw is the Vince Mcmhan/Mcmahan (you know who I mean) of MMA…

    Did you notice that Diaz still had his gloves on WTF?

  • Xavier says:

    This was obviously a work by EliteXC. They’re just scummy as hell, f’n boxing promoters.

    Nothing more shameful for MMA than watching Bill Goldberg work a feud between two supposedly legitimate athletes. I’m surprised they didn’t have Nick Diaz’s father come down the runaway with a chair towards Noon’s dad. Fathers collide on father’s day weekend!

    Shaw’s, put me on the payroll and I’ll write more lame wrestling scenarios for you, if you’re going to be carny fucks, go all the way with it, please.

  • Dangerfield says:

    bill was involved and that bothers me. the diaz brothers always have legit beef with people, not just fake ass hey i did it to hype the fight crap but Nick was def pushed into the ring by Shaw to exacerbate the situation

  • Larsenator says:

    Legitimate AND weed smoking Diaz. He must be one of the best role models for aspiring fighters……

  • minijackal says:

    To call someone scared who beat your ass in the last fight is comical.

    Noons > Teen Wolf

  • Garth says:

    dear everyone who says noons is afraid of a rematch with diaz:
    you’re fuckin’ stupid.

  • Tertio says:

    Looked fake to me. Makes me sad. Elite pit fighting and Yamma XC are the 15$ hookers of MMA.

    Best moment of the night was the Rua fight. Totally mismatched but the beating he laid on the guy was O so well deserved.

  • FTRO says:

    TDB. Typical Diaz Behavior.

    Work or no work, Nick Diaz is a low class, subhuman scumbag. KJ Sr’s eloquent description of their behavior @ 1:37 sums up their thug personas. Nate is dangerously coming close to the gutter trash Nick has already devolved to. Not to mention Nick’s fight game has taken a dip ever since his felony assault of Joe Riggs in the Vegas hospital after Diaz got owned @ UFC 57. Try beating the champ next time Nicky, in the cage. Oh and don’t forget to make weight. Idiot.

    Nick has had only ONE shining moment in his career in the past 3 years (Gomi) and that glory was quickly tarnished, again, because of his poor choices.

    Talented guy, but human garbage. What a waist.

    On a sidenote: EliteXC must be happy that they have their pretty boy champ now with a legit string of victories over tough opponents – a marketable fighter to fall back on once Kimbo gets ground into hamburger in October.

  • Anubis says:

    I’m just glad I don’t gamble because I’d be shit broke now. KJ Noons earned my respect with that victory. On behalf of haters everywhere: I officially absolve him from the one-punch Crazy Horse knock out. As for the “Dirty Diaz” brothers, send them back to school. While the fracas was an obvious work, I still wonder if they are even litterate. Apparently they do know a simplified version of sign language. Let’s be glad they found martials arts to channel their “energy.” It is better to have them rolling dopes in the ring rather than rolling fools down the streets of Stockton with Tec 9’s.

  • Hattori Hanzo says:

    Diaz was one my fav.fighters. He has slick Jiu-jitsu but his takedown sucks. Weed is fucking uphis game.

  • Eric says:

    Judging by the couple fights from Noons and Diaz, Nick better be afraid of KJ.

  • MrNiceGuyMMA says:

    If it was one site that I thought was going to see through this BS it was fightlinker. I guess I was wrong. Fuck. Can I just have one site that gets it?

  • ekc says:


  • Lifer says:


    “Talented guy, but human garbage. What a waist.”

    mmmmm i know right? i wonder if i could get my hands around it!!? makes me giggle!

  • Zane says:

    diaz looked brutal? HAHAHAHAHA that was a good laugh, watch the fight and corbrey’s head movement, nick was still picking him apart is damn good. stop hating, everyone, whats wrong with a little beef?fuck kj noons fuck his dad and diaz is gonna pick his ass apart next fight, watch diaz slip into mount with his kimura trick, thats brutal? haha

  • the diaz brothers are gay says:

    why does nate think he’s a black guy with tourette’s?.no wonder tyson didn’t want to train with these two fags anymore.Someone please kill goldberg or just cut out his tongue so he can’t talk,please.

  • Zane says:

    first of all, noons dad talked even more shit than nate, and did you see any diaz charge? didnt think so so who really are the punks? noons won on a cut, he won the round but does 1 round make a fight? tyson wasnt even affiliated with nick and nate he was with dave terrell in a cesar gracie affiliate

  • crs says:

    “Not to mention Nick’s fight game has taken a dip ever since his felony assault of Joe Riggs in the Vegas hospital after Diaz got owned @ UFC 57”

    Hahahaha, I forgot about the Shoe-Jitsu incident.

  • ekc says:

    re: 31


  • FTRO says:

    What really bothers me is why a class act like Cesar Gracie isn’t doing something to curb this filth? These two are supposed to be some of his “best” students and they are displaying all the wrong behavior to reflect on his school. Jake shields is the kind of person I’d expect to be a black belt under Cesar Gracie, whereas the Diazes are acting like they came out of some fictional cobra kai mcdojo.

  • MadMan says:

    Nick more than Nate–but them Diaz boys have no couth!

  • kwagnuth says:

    That was obviously set up by Gary Shaw. Maybe there is some genuine hostility between the two but that totally reminded me of a wwe promo. BTW it sounded to me more like Noons father said punk ass Diaz.

  • MarleyMarl says:

    How do you continue to be a dick, when you come into a fight over weight and your calling out a guy that completely smashed your face in…

  • Wu Tang says:

    ANd there are many Diaz fans on this site… They (diaz bros) shows no class and gives a bad name to MMA. Personally, i dont like them, and their medical glocoma is just an excuse to get some cheap purple haze.