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You mean the world ISN’T fair?????

Michael Rome explains the differences between Quinton Jackson’s situation and Josh Neer’s: first, Neer was a drunken dumbass while Jackson is just a crazy religious nutter. Don’t ask me why the second is so much better than the first … drinking booze and drinking the Kool-Aid both resulted in essentially the same scenario unfolding. Secondly – and here’s the more important one for ya: the world isn’t fucking fair and company favorites get preferential treatment.

There is no company in the world I know of that does not have double standards.   Image two employees in a fortune 500 company come in drunk to work one day, and the manager to make disciplinary decisions.   One employee works in the mailroom, the other is a highly valued employee that brings in significant revenue.   There is no way these two situations would be handled the same way.   The mailroom worker would likely get fired, while the highly valued employee would get a slap on the wrist.   Is it unfair?   I suppose.   In the real world, not all employees are of equal value.   In the UFC, not all fighters are of equal value.

So even if Rampage HAD been drunk or drugged up or whatever, I bet we’d still be here having the same conversation – why Quinton is still on the path to a light heavyweight title shot while Neer is staring down the barrel end of getting fired. Sure, Dana used the fact that Rampage WASN’T drunk or high as the reason he stuck by him, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned from the Junie situation is that he’s very flexible when it involves his cash cows.