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You know mocking Affliction is stale when….

How ironic is this: the douchebag magazine du jour, Maxim, is calling Affliction ‘the douchebag shirt du jour’. Not that I disagree with them … Affliction is less of a trend than it is an eyesore. But Maxim is basically Cosmo for retarded men and doesn’t even have the balls to include a single fucking nipple per issue. I will stand by this opinion until the day I die (or the day they offer me a job).

Anyways, care of MMA Rated, here’s what Maxim had to say:

“Affliction the mook fashion behemoth that sponsors top MMA fighters, has lived up to its name by spreading the disease of what can only be described as “monster t-shirts.” If you don’t own a tee like this, you’ve undoubtedly seen an ass-clown wearing one: emblazoned with a huge dragon, eagle, serpent, or other mythical beast, it’s the douchebag shirt du jour, inspired by tattoo-art gear Von Dutch popularized a few years ago. The truth is, the only things these shirts scare away are girls who might actually have sex with you. For the love of God, cover up that creature!”

Maxim didn’t even get the fucking description right. Eagles and mythical beasts? Come on now. Who doesn’t know that Affliction shirts are comprised mainly of polyester and crosses, skulls, tophats, dead native americans (classy), and upside down fleur de lys?