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You-guessed-it reflections on WEC 48

* It was fun watching Karalexis get tooled, especially after his recent spat of shit talking.
* Zombie got fucking robbed, and the last thing I need right now is a sermon on the meaning of that word. Garcia was game to the end, but he lost the third round – thus, he lost the fight.
* Njokuami/Cerrone II seems like a good idea at this point. Roller looks promising at that weight.
* I called Brown by Manvel not having a size advantage, but boy was I wrong – Gamburyan’s ability to negate any/all takedown attempts, combined with his ridiculous power in the clinch, makes him a danger to anyone at 145.
* My boy Cerrone… what can I say? From the bar and my level of intoxication, it looked like a pretty sloppy way to lose. Credit to Bendo for finishing fast – he sure does commit to that guillotine when he feels it, doesn’t he?
* Spare me the ‘Cerrone is super-overrated’ bullshit. Cerrone is 2-3 in his last five fights, with all three losses coming in title fights. Urijah Faber is 2-3 in his last five fights, with all three losses coming in title fights. Either both are done or neither is. (thanks to Jackal beansarelame [I like beans] for catching my fuck-up earlier)
* Did the above surprise you? Then acquaint yourself with the phenom that is Jose (with a hard ‘J’) Aldo. Patient, fast, strong, well rounded and primed to explode at the slightest scent of blood. Faber had nothing to offer.
* First person to call for Aldo to move up in weight gets a cock punch.
* Great production, good pacing, good announcing and awesome fights – just slap ‘UFC’ on top of the son of a bitch next time and save everyone the trouble.