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Yes he can!

While Hong Man Choi’s preparations for New Years Eve seem to solely consist of doing interviews claiming Mirko Crocop isn’t capable of reaching his head, Mirko has been busy putting those claims to the test. He’s enlisted the help of 7  ft 1 in Croation basketball Franjo Arapovic to help him prep for Choi’s height and weight difference, and as far as I can tell from pictures it looks like Choi might want to keep his hands up or risk getting himself knocked the fuck out. Not like it matters too much if he can’t … Crocop wouldn’t be the first guy to dance around the molasses-slow Choi and pick him to death en route to a convincing judge’s decision.

It’s really too bad that Hong Man is such a slow fuck … when you’re dealing with guys his size, everything they do can hurt you. Just falling on top of Fedor during a takedown resulted in the Russian looking like Mikhail Gorbachev x100.