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Yes, Gomi sucks now. We figured that out a long time ago.

For a lot of people, the main reason to watch Sengoku is so you can perform a 2-minutes hate against Takanori Gomi afterwards. While we all shed tears for Wanderlei, Nog, and other Pride stars, I don’t see anything other than hauty distain for a fighter who used to sit high up on the pound for pound rankings.

You might have heard by now that Gomi lost his fight against Satoru Kitaoka in 1:41 via an achilles lock. This isn’t as embarassing as it might sound on paper … I encourage you to watch the fight to see it for yourself. Gomi did a good job of getting Kitoka’s back early in the fight and while falling into a leg lock was pretty sloppy it’s not like he displayed James Irvin levels of suckitude.

Okay, so he got caught in this fight. But what about his last fight (and loss) against Sergey Golyaev? Personally, I thought Gomi fought well and was even kinda impressed by the fact that he recovered from a near KO suffered early in the fight. It’s hard to criticize the Japanese judging scheme because no one really knows what the fuck it is, but I felt that Gomi ended up winning that fight.

I think I’m probably easier on Gomi because I never knew the super awesome fighter everyone else seems to remember. Those who read the site regularly know I’m a Japanese MMA idiot, and that would come from the fact that I barely watched Japanese MMA until 2004 and even then ignored all the Bushido events. My introduction to ‘the Fireball kid’ came from a terrible fight against Marcus Aurelio where Gomi basically kicked at Aurelio’s feet for 15 minutes. So to say my expectations are a lot lower than most is an understatement.

But here’s my point in all this: it’s time to accept the fact that new Gomi is nowhere near as good as old Gomi. It’s been three years since he’s done anything impressive in the ring, so stop acting so shocked and amazed when he underperforms yet again. News flash: EVERYONE WITH HALF A FUCKING BRAIN ALREADY KNOWS that he’s not the fighter he used to be. So how about getting with the program and shutting the fuck up about it? At this point, being an obnoxious doink over Gomi is in the same vein as picking on Royce Gracie. It’s old news, it’s obvious shit, and you’re flogging a dead horse.