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Yep, Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate still hate eachother

(Miesha Tate provides photo evidence her arm isn’t a crippled wet noodle hanging gimpily by her side)

The unthinkable has happened: I am suffering from RRF, or Ronda Rousey Fatigue. Since she took the title from around Miesha Tate’s waist by breaking her arm backwards twice, I’ve missed out on two opportunities to talk about Ronda: the time Miesha’s boyfriend Bryan Caraway helpfully offered to perform dentistry on Ronda’s teeth with his fists, and now the back and forth between Tate and Rousey on a rematch. Here’s what Tate said:

“I, personally, would love the opportunity to have a rematch,” Tate protested. “I think at a high level, it takes one mistake. Anyone can make a mistake at any moment and someone’s able to capitalize on that.

“I don’t feel that Ronda proved anything other than what she’s already (proved) — that she has one thing that she’s great at. Really phenomenal at. But everything else, I could beat her. Give me another shot. I think it was competitive. I think for the most part I was probably winning. And I think at a competitive high level, one day one person could beat the one person, and the other day the other person would beat the other person.”

It seems somewhat rude to demand a rematch before learning if your arm is going to need surgery from the mangling it just took, but what were you expecting? Chicks to kiss and make up after a fight like that? Here’s Ronda’s response:

It just kind of makes her sound dumb. Everyone knows that I wanted to armbar her, and there was nothing she could do to stop me, even with months of preparation. I think that proves a lot. It’s like she’s not even looking at the actual situation. I don’t know what match she was watching, to really think that. One of those pieces of advice that my mom tells me all the time is, ‘Never listen to your own press.’ The second I got out of that cage, my coach was already telling me a million things I did wrong. It just seems tome like she must be surrounded by a bunch of “yes men” all the time, saying stuff like, ‘Oh yeah, you were winning. You were totally dominating.’ If I was her, I would look at that match, look at what I did wrong, and try to fix it next time, and not be like ‘I was totally winning before I lost.’

One part of women’s MMA I didn’t really expect was the estrogen fueled hatred certain competitors would have for eachother. Ronda and Miesha are giving Chael and Anderson a run for their money. And just like Chael and Anderson, I can only take so many months of bitchy back-and-forths before I just cants takes no mores.