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Yep, people who bet on Ian McCall got screwed

For those of you wondering what happened to the poor bastards who bet on the botched Demetrious Johnson vs Ian McCall fight:

Because the correction was made official in the late hours Friday, after many sports books had closed up shop for the night, bettors who had wagered on Johnson, a minus-300 favorite, were able to collect as if he had indeed won the fight. Those who wagered on McCall were left with nothing but a worthless piece of paper and the ultimate “bad beat” story.

“We closed down posting Johnson as the winner, and it remains the same,” LVH vice president Jay Kornegay said. “By the end of our business day Friday, there was no change to the result. Therefore, according to our house rules, that would be considered an overturn, and we don’t recognize overturns.

“If it had happened the same night, we would have corrected the result.”

I feel bad for all the people who bet on McCall at +250. For all you non-gambling chickensh*ts, that means a $100 bet would have earned them $250 on top of their original wager. In my humble opinion, McCall won that fight from start to finish and the fight being scored a draw was bad enough. Not only were bettors robbed the first time around by idiot judges, they got robbed again because some dingo’s anus in Australia doesn’t know how to add up eights and nines.

*UPDATE* Hearing from the jackals that some online sites refunded McCall bettors. Pinnacle being one that did for sure.

  • augbesian says:

    not true across the board. Pinnacle refunded all bets for McCall.

  • P W says:

    I think most people, me included, stopped betting on MMA a long time ago. It’s not good for ones blood pressure to lose money due to judges and refs fucking up the results with their incompetence.

  • frickshun says:

    I stopped betting cuz it’s dumb & juvenile.