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Yep, Paulo Filho is still fucked in the head

Gross Josh has some interesting news regarding Paulo Filho:

True to his word, Paulo Filho has agreed to vacate the WEC middleweight belt after losing unanimously on points to Chael Sonnen on Wednesday. Flying back to Los Angeles from Florida the day after what was supposed to be a five-round championship fight, Filho’s manager, Ed Soares, said he planned on shipping the belt to Sonnen as soon as he could.

Having returned to his locker room after refusing to engage for 15 minutes, Filho (16-1), told several times he’d lost, reacted as if he was unaware the fight had even reached its conclusion, Soares said.

Soon, Filho drew attention from doctors when the dilation of his pupils didn’t match. Later that evening, however, the 30-year-old grappler was released from a local hospital, his eyes functioning as close to normal as they’d done all night.

So there you go: Filho is honorable, and probably still fucked in the head. I can’t blame him too much. I’m in the middle of my epic quest to hit 185 pounds and I’m ready to kill myself too. If God didn’t want us to be fatties why did he make Twix so delicious?