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Yep, Diego Sanchez is still batshit

It’s no secret that Diego Sanchez is one of the stranger dudes out there in the world of MMA. Don’t get me wrong: he’s an outstanding fighter and rightfully labeled as one of the best in the world, but some shit just ain’t right. I don’t know if his mother dropped him on his head as a baby or if he smoked a bit too much weed as a teenager or if someone switched his BCAAs with batshit pills, but the guy is just slightly wacky. Case in point, he considers himself the number one contender to the lightweight title because he beat the actual top contender four years ago.

One of the reasons for me dropping to 155 was the fact that Kenny Florian is coming up on his second title shot, and this is a guy that I walked through four years ago. And everybody thinks that, yeah, we’ve both evolved, we’ve both changed, we’re both different fighters, we’ve both improved a lot. But the fact is that I walked through him and it wasn’t even a fight, and this is the number one contender. So in my mind, I am the number one contender right now.

A couple years back I was the cutest boy in the third grade and all the chicks wanted my junk. That means now I’m the sexiest man on Earth. Yep, that sounds about right. If I was interviewing Diego, the conversation would have gone more like this:

Diego: In my mind, I am the number one contender right now.

Shawn: Wait, what did you just say?

Diego: I beat Kenny Florian a while back, so that makes me the number one contender.

Shawn: (makes fart noise into the phone and hangs up)