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Yep, both hands broken

I was wondering what was up with Joe Riggs turning into Ong Bak last night with all those flying knees and kicks. Turns out the dude broke his hands:

“Yeah, I broke both my hands again,” he told interview Gus Johnson afterwards. But said he continued on because, “I got a family to support. I got a wife and a baby, I gotta work hard.”

Even with two broken hands, Riggs was already pushing for another opponent, the man he was originally supposed to have fought on Saturday night.

“I want Jake Shields. I don’t want to be disrespectful to him any more; he’s a tough fighter. But yeah, I’d like to fight Jake Shields.”

Later that night, Strikeforce officials confirmed Riggs’ broken hands and said that he was taken to the hospital for treatment.

I’m kinda curious about the whole ‘again’ thing. But not in the standard “I wonder which other specific fights he broke his hands in” way. More like in a “What the fuck is he drinking, malk?” way. Still, I can’t bag too hard on Rigg’s health considering he went the distance with Baroni no sweat and looked like he could have gone a few rounds more. It was a good tough win for Riggs, doubly so because he did it after busting up his fists. But Baroni will be back for a fight or three by the time Riggs’ hands heal. So I think Joe kinda won and lost as well.