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Yep, Affliction dislikes the UFC that much

Sam Caplan chimes in on why Affliction would try to counter-program UFC 100, and the short answer is what I initially thought: they’re doing it out of spite.

I think the reason why Affliction counter-programming UFC 100 is being made for personal reasons as opposed to business reasons. The feud between Affliction and the UFC is one that has seen its share of bad blood. Some of the issues have become public, but you’d be shocked if you knew what has gone on behind the scenes. There are also people in the television industry that are willing to conspire with Affliction in going head-to-head with the UFC because Dana White has made his fair share of enemies within the TV industry. And I mean, he’s made some POWERFUL enemies and it appears that they all might be interested in working together.

What some people might be neglecting to understand is that if you back White into a corner, he doesn’t cower in fear. If a July 11 Affliction show becomes a reality, White will come out swinging. If Affliction stacks the card, then White might be compelled to give us more than just a triple-header of Lesnar vs. Mir, St. Pierre vs. Alves, and Henderson vs. Bisping. There’s no telling what the UFC might do in response to a competing event.

People tend to forget how hardcore Dana is when he’s your enemy. He pulled an entire card out of his ass and put it on Spike TV just to fuck with Affliction’s first card, drove them out of Las Vegas for their second show, dragged Randy Couture back into the UFC and turned him against Affliction, and was definitely involved in exposing Todd Beard as the pregger-punching grandma defrauder he is. And that’s just the shit we know about! If there’s more going on behind the scenes, I can’t wait to hear about it down the road … because everything always comes out in MMA, eventually. That’s what makes it so much fun to blog about.

As for Dana White having some powerful enemies out there, I don’t doubt it. But how far is anyone else willing to go to try and give Dana White his comeuppance? Affliction has already signaled that they’re willing to go all in, but will anyone else in corporate-land stand by them?