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Yeah, you’re going to need to work on that

Pat Barry has been making a lot of fans with his deference to Cro Cop in the lead-up to their upcoming fight at UFC 115 (some guy named Chuck Lie-dell will be headlining), especially after his harrowing “rice and ketchup” poverty ended up netting him $120,000 in bonuses against Antoni Hardonk. However, this tidbit from Sherdog has me concerned:

I’m not a bloodthirsty animal. I’ve hit guys, and this is bad for me, but I’ve hit some guys with some real stiff shots and not followed it up. Like — boom — then kind of like look at them to see if they’re OK. Not OK, but if they’re dazed enough that the ref would stop the fight, versus some guy being unconscious, and, while he’s unconscious, me hit him six more times before the ref gets to him. That’s also bad because I’ve had guys in really bad situations where if I was to just bump into them a little, I’d finish the fight, and guys have gone from dazed to woken up. If you remember the Tim Hague fight [at UFC 98], when he stumbled back, he was out. He was like dazed. All I had to do was just touch him, but instead I backed up and looked at him. So by the time I got back to him, he was back awake again

Barry goes on to recount how, in his first competitive kickboxing bout, he repeatedly checked on his opponent after landing gut shots, only to be gratefully thanked by a series of uppercuts to the face. There’s a ref in the ring for a reason, Pat, and it’s to save the other guy from your fury. MMA fighters have a complete right – indeed, an obligation – to go hard until the referee puts his hands on him or the bell rings (and, as Babalu and more recently Satoshi Ishii showed, an obligation to stop when that fucking happens), and any unnecessary damage that isn’t limited to a stray shot or two is squarely on the referee’s shoulders. Do my wallet a favor and save the sympathy for your next fight or something.