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Yeah, I’m sick of TUF too. But here’s more TUF 7 info.

Danny boy over at MMAJunkie breaks down everything they know so far about TUF7 … or so they’d like you to believe! At this point, it seems like another M-1 situation: everyone knows what’s happening but no one wants to spill the beans for fear of reaping the wrath of Dana-zilla. Fuck people … Dana hates you already. If he’s still got enough leverage to make your life more miserable than he already does, do a poor bastard like me a favor and email me at [email protected]. It’s free, and it’s confidential!

So without further ado, here’s what’s known:

Middleweights: Yep, this season will focus on middleweights, which makes sense on the surface but is a mistake in reality. Why? Because everyone in TUF always drops down a weight class after the show is over. Heavyweights become light heavyweights, welterweights become lightweights, and so on. So if the UFC was really interested in developing a crop of fighters for the MW division, they should have tried pulling for Light Heavyweights.

Coaches: The worst kept secret in the universe right now is that Quinton Jackson is most likely going to be a coach on TUF. The big question mark right now is who they’re going to put opposite him. Anyone other than Tito Ortiz is gonna end up looking more bland than a soda cracker (hehe cracker) compared to Rampage. Let’s look at some qualifiers:

  • In Contention for the title: Because the coaches scrap at the end of each season and Rampage has the title, you need a coach that deserves a shot. That throws Tito out of the equation, as well as Chuck Liddell.
  • Can speak english: Some things never change. They replaced Bruce Lee with David Carradine in Kung Fu because Bruce was too foreign. Don’t expect anyone coaching on the show who doesn’t have perfect command of the english language. This means no Wanderlei, and no Chuck Liddell. Haha, just kidding. But seriously, Chuck can barely string together a sentence lately.

The big shitty thing about all this is if they do pick Rampage to coach, it fucks up the light heavyweight division the same way it fucked up the welterweight division. With the lightweight division still a free for all and the middleweight division stinking things up, can the UFC really afford to put their most lucrative weightclass on hold for 7 months?

Location: When Dana White said they were “really going to shake things up”, I took that to mean they were going to move the filming of the show to somewhere else. Never mind the fact that 99% of the show takes place inside a house and a gym, and those look the same no matter where in the world you are. The only hint is that Rampage cracked some Mexican jokes when MMAMania asked him about being a TUF coach. But Rampage always makes Mexican jokes, so can we really read into that?

There you go folks, now you know everything there is to know about TUF7. Let’s just pray now that Zuffa doesn’t fuck things up and stall out any weight divisions over the next season.

  • Dukes says:

    I think it’s Rampage vs. Tito as coaches, with filming and the finale in Mexico. Tito is half Mexican, they’re friends, etc. – there are many sub plots working here.

    Let the comedy begin!

  • Xavier says:

    They’re shaking things up with cannonballs.

  • Mr.ThePlague says:

    Not sick of TUF. Fun show. The bitching hating is getting old.

  • sonzai says:

    Nope. Rampage vs. Forrest. Both are hurt, and Forrest beat #1 contender Shogun.

  • Michaelthebox says:

    Putting Rampage on hold til, say, June, makes no difference if he wouldn’t be able to fight until April or so anyway, which seems possible considering he hasn’t even been able to get back to training yet. Also, the LHW division is the one that is best suited to being put on hold. WW couldn’t get away with it because the title fights between the likes of Serra, Hughes, and GSP are the only really exciting money fights in the division. LHW has 6 or 7 exciting money fighters, taking the title out of the picture for a bit won’t be as damaging.

  • Matt says:

    Its Couture!