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Yeah, free fights really help with that forclosure pain


Has anyone else noticed that before every UFC event lately there’s one or two very slick ‘viral’ style promos that get released via random new youtube users?

  • Kaisean says:


  • Simco says:

    No, I’ve never noticed.
    But I’m not the type of person who goes to youtube and types in “UFC,” which I would assume is who these are targeted towards.

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      Reporter: At present, some antique collectors talk about the value of one, that it is the economic value; heard is true, how much to believe that the value of how much money, how to clarify this concept?

      Yepei Lan: We are rather narrow understanding of antique, one thing is old, immediately asked worth! Antiques are valuable, but must be of historical value, artistic value, have economic value. For example, the Tang Dynasty also used in large bowl antiques, but many no artistic value, not worthy of appreciation of the place, economic value is not high. Collection of antiques business is not doing so, do not make the investment, but not the collection is to go to gamble. Now some people affected by a number of media, look at the point of the book to find things along the road sub-teeth. *** *** yuan to buy an \To learn ah!

      because blind collection, many people go bankrupt

      Reporter: There are many collectors because of the blind collection in trouble, you can give us mind you?

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      Tongji University, Professor of Chinese Ruan the ancient city of Ningxia Bureau of Cultural Relics Protection
      Wei-zhong interview (Figure)
      Shan Cheung: do not advocate blind demolition of the old museum build a new vice president of National Palace Museum, Jin Hongkui
      interview (Photos)
      beast Cai, the first interview with the buyer – may be admitted destroying the reputation of a famous archaeologist into the black …
      Mr. Wang Qufei Interview (Photos)
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      – Interview
      Secretary Xiang Shan Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Association collectors actually save interview
      Song Hao fashion: auction of cultural relics of national priorities will become the norm to buy
      Shan Xiang: no story of the Grand Canal is not attractive
      Ruan, Professor of Chinese ancient city protection
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