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Yeah, about that Fedor / Hendo superfight…

As with many things involving Strikeforce, Hendo vs Fedor coming together magically was just too good to be true. According to M-1 Global, the Easter Bunny isn’t real, Santa Claus is a fake, and Fedor hasn’t even been asked about a Dan Henderson fight:

A report from “Fighters Only” also stated that Emelianeko is considering a drop to light heavyweight for a shot at Henderson belt.

But Kogan said the frontrunner for Emelianenko’s next fight is the loser of a non-title bout between Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem and Fabricio Werdum that takes place in the quarterfinals of the grand prix.

Emelianenko vs. Overeem or Werdum would ideally take place in late summer.

I kinda thought the whole “Fedor dropping down to 205” thing was a bit far fetched, but I was eager enough for the fight to happen at any weight to dismiss things completely. Plus Fighters Only is usually on the ball, and they sounded pretty certain about the fight happening in 2011.

But even if it doesn’t, at least we have Fedor vs the loser of Overeem / Werdum, which will be awesome whatever way it goes.

  • Take It Easy says:

    who still gives a fuck about that faggot sissy fedor and all the stupid drama because he’s too much of a coward to just take fights like a man?

    shut up about it already

  • rmaramba says:

    ^ love this guy.

  • rmaramba says:

    ^ love this guy. Worth saying twice.

  • Spicoli says:

    If you love him so much, throw him a handjob. Twice.

  • CRM_Stephen says:

    Are we ever going to get another radio show. I fucking miss the podcasts.

  • Mixed Martial Adam says:

    Fedor’s management wouldn’t let him move down to LHW to fight Henderson as that would be recognizing that he is no longer a dominant HW

    I hope Werdum wins (IF the HW tournament actually moves forward) so that Overeem can smash Fedor down to LHW at the end of the summer

  • Mixed Martial Adam says:

    what did happen to the March mailbag questions? We’re 10 days in already…

  • Take It Easy says:

    lol if you think this gay dead site is going to produce new content

  • rmaramba says:

    ^ not saying I would or wouldn’t, but another handjob-worthy comment. Gold…