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I don’t know what the fuck Yarennoka means … the random Japanese people I screamed “YARENNOKA!” at seemed pretty afraid, so I assume it’s probably something intense. My sources on the internet say it means something along the line of “Can’t Do It!”, kinda like a challenge. So I guess that’s a pretty apt name for this very ambitious last second event.

Zach Arnold is having a field day pointing out the similarities between this event and past PRIDE events. He pointed out that the event is using the same font as past NYE events, although I found that they’re using more than just the same font.

Basically, every sign absolutely screams PRIDE, and that’s what the Yarennoka guys are going for. And for all the controversy over the past few days regarding M-1 Global, the official ‘supported by M-1 Global’ label is a lot less involved than has been implied over the past few days. In fact, all other references regarding ownership and copyright are assigned simply to ‘Yarennoka’.

So enough fucking business. On to the fights! Here’s the guys announced so far:

  • Fedor Emelianenko
  • Joachim Hansen
  • Ricardo Arona
  • Gilbert Melendez
  • Luiz Azeredo
  • Aoki Shinya
  • Kazuo Misaki
  • TatsuyaKawajiri
  • Hayato “Mach” Sakurai
  • Mitsuhiro Ishida
  • Hasegawa Hidehiko

If Yarennoka keeps to the format PRIDE did, there could be between 10 and 14 matches for this event, meaning you’re looking at roughly half the lineup for this card. Honestly, as a fight fan I couldn’t give any less of a shit as to how much money these guys make or lose. Freakfights, footstomps, and that screaming bitch! Aw yeah!

  • Ted Dibiase says:


    oh man, im sooooo cool

  • sonzai says:

    Yes, it means “You can’t do it, can you?” in a sort of mocking, challenging way: Japanese trash talk. This is set up by the little DSE elves that were doing their own thing on Zuffa’s dime for about half a year. Zach’s right–this is PRIDE to the bone, even to the point of putting names up that may or may not be fighting.

  • Dru Down says:

    Wow- this is bringing out the giddy PRIDE nuthugger in me. Is Takada in a diaper too much to hope for?

  • Lifer says:

    They need to get Barnett on this card for his super jap drawing powers. If he comes into the ring to the themesong of Fist of the North Star ( you may have a full-scale riot on your hands. By full-scale riot I mean someone actually standing up during a fight.

    Other leagues really need to learn from the UFC. Why watch 8-10 fights when I can watch 50% fights and 50% Goldbergisms? Stick with the 5 fight format, guaranteeing at least an hour of Goldberg cannibalizing himself ad nauseum. “It’s like we’ve said before Joe…(insert self-quote here)” That’s right Goldberg. It IS like you’ve said before. I’ve heard every sentence in your repetoire at least 10 times over now.

  • Atom says:

    well put LIFER

  • MJC_123 says:

    Hell yeah….roll on new years kicks to the head, screaming ring announcer and hopefully at some point INOKI’s giant chin!

  • TIGERTAO says:

    Well said Lifer, and Sonzai is correct; according to my friends hot Japanese girlfriend it is indeed You can’t do it, can you? Said in an ultra mocking, point and laugh kinda way.

    Damn I’m actually pretty fucking excited about December were gonna see Guida smash Huerta’s pretty boy face, Chucks career ended and a full on Japanese MMA Spectacular too!

  • TIGERTAO says:

    I may even go and watch it myself, I’m not that far away…

  • Beau says:

    Does this mean Fedor is fighting Arona and not Hong Man? That would be a much better fight. Fedor can slowly work his way up the wieght classes. First fighting a middleweight in Lindland, now a LHW in Arona, then maybe a true HW, before finally fighting a Super HW in Choi. Either way this card looks exciting if all these guys are in. I thought Gilbert Melendez was exclusive to Strikeforce?

  • dignan(tapout name bending branch) says:

    Me hopes this to be true, no? Thats my best Japanese version of what I wanted to say.

    If they had announced Barnett to be on this card, possibly fighting FEDOR…I seriously would’ve jizzed in my pants.

  • godzillad says:

    It’s gonna suck when it’s announced all of those guys are fighting Razor Ramon HG on that show. Fuck Japanese promoters.

  • nois29 says:

    Yep, this is totally resurrected from Pride, the exact phrase and font with the blood spatters. Gives me shivers!! hahaha.
    やれんのか? やろうぜ!!!

  • dignan(tapout name bending branch) says:

    Just read this:

    1.5 mill for the fight, and Fedor’s people get to pick the opponent…supposedly appropriate for a Japanese crowd. PLEASE PICK BARNETT!

  • MJC_123 says:

    Would not be surprised if Barnett turned up and the crowd went Hogan-esque mania style wild but he won’t fight Fedor….I mean would Fedor choose someone who could beat him?…..Prove me wrong Emelianenko please……

  • Swedish guy (tapout names are gay) says:

    Sounds like an awesome event, can’t really keep it in the pants for this one.

  • Xavier says:

    Moron fanboys will splooge, the company will lose a shit-ton of money over a year, then it will die, their hyped fighters will go to the UFC, and then they will lose. Said fanboys will cover ears in denial.

    I’ve seen this playbook before.

  • Roxy says:

    Wait, so they named the new event “yarennoka?” So…how am I supposed to talk about that?

    Roxy: HEY! Did you seee “yarennoka” the other night?
    friend: oh yeah, soandso totally kicked but on yesterdays’ yarennnoka.
    Roxy: sweet, I’m gonna go see the next yarennoka live!


    lol the first time I wrote it, I wrote three N’s by mistake. I forsee arguing over correct romanization.

  • michael says:

    Nr. 14 (dignan):
    If you read well you’ll see that not Fedor’s people pick the opponent but the Japanese:
    “Part of the deal is that [b]they[/b] choose the opponent,” said M-1 CEO Monte Cox. “They’re choosing an opponent that makes sense for the Japanese market.”
    Cox said M-1 Global and Emelianenko would remain open to [b]whichever opponent the Japanese promotion presents[/b]”

  • Thomas says:

    …..and Pride fan boys wet their shorts

  • nois29 says:

    Yes. yes I have.

  • SixT-4 says:

    OMFG, I wish I could go to this, but I have no money.

    *starts plotting*