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Yarennoka Liveblogging right here

Okay, it’s Yarennoka liveblogging time! I’m watching the Japanese feed so don’t expect any commentary on the dumb shit Frank Trigg says. Past that expect an update somewhere around every 5 to 10 minutes. I won’t be breaking fights down to every punch and kick like I do with the UFC events, but you’ll know exactly what’s going on after every round. Enjoy!

Saitama super arena looks pretty packed, although I think they’ve split the arena in half. Still, good crowd. Such a difference between all the screaming hooting retards in Vegas and the normal people attending this event. After 5 minutes of uber polite speaking by a voice over the PA, they’re giving shoutouts to all the Zombie Pride workers. Go Zombie Pride, go!

I’m actually really glad I’m watching the Japanese version of the show … the production values are pretty damned slick. The show opens with haunting music and shows the fighters training. Now it changes to a montage of the fighters to ‘Magical Mystery Tour’. Fuck … what can I say. Pride’s got me in it’s grip again. PRIDE NEVER DIE! Haha, the intro ends with the words “WE ARE BACK”

Haha … taiko drums are going. Is that Takada? All asians look alike to me, unfortunately. Takada does a little striptease taking off his shirt, but he’s not down to a diaper yet. Fireworks go off, and the screechy bitch makes her appearance. Man … spectacle!

They’re going through all the fighter introductions while Rage Against the Machine’s Guerilla Radio plays. Beats bearing witness to the fitness of the modern warrior. Fuck … is it the fact that I’ve been up for 30 hours now or the fact that I’ve drank like 4 energy drinks? Whatever it is, I am slave to pride. Nuthug pride. Love pride. PRIDE FOREVER.

Fedor gets a massive pop when he comes out.

Roman Zentsov vs. Mike Russow
Russow comes out strong and drops Roman. Fuck … they’re both wearing identical camo trunks … I have no idea who the hell is who any more. I’m assuming the more pasty of the two is Roman. Wait, turns out the pasty guy was Russow. Russow was on top for the majority of the round and kept moving around in half guard, then slapped on a choke that made Roman tap.


Tatsuya Kawajiri vs. Luiz Azeredo

THe fighters rush to eachother and struggle into a clinch. After a long battle of wills Kawajiri takes Azeredo down. Kawajiri postures a lot but doesn’t do much else. The ref moves them back into the middle of the ring. Kawajiri throws some strikes which don’t do much but gets the crowd behind him.

Now he’s in stride and the punches are starting to pick up in intensity. Luiz goes for an armbar but can’t quite get it. He then lands an upkick that takes Kawajiri off him for a moment but then he’s right back on top of him throwing punches down. The punches are starting to hurt Luiz but he’s still got the presence of mind to go for armbar attempts. Luiz really has to do something because he’s getting his ass kicked.

The ref stands them up and gives Luiz a yellow card. Oh yellow cards, how I love thee.

And it takes all of 30 seconds for Kawajiri to take Luiz down and continue the biznizz he’s been running since the start of this fight. Oh, Luiz slips out from the bottom and is suddenly on Kawajiri’s back with both hooks in. There’s 1 minute left. Kawajiri reverses and is back on top! Luiz has an armbar but loses it. Kawajiri’s got Luiz hurt with strikes. 30 seconds left. Luiz is doing an okay job pushing Kawajiri off with his legs. I think he’s going to survive. And he does, end of round 1.

Winner of round 1 : Kawajiri


Kawajiri is fresh and cocky, dancing around. He throws a kick then takes down Luiz. Luiz gets back up and pushes Kawajiri into the corner. After about 45 seconds of nothing the ref splits them up. Kawajiri throws some strikes then pulls Luiz’s feet out from under him. The ref moves em into the middle of the ring and now we’re back to Kawajiri punching Luiz in the face consistantly and Luiz taking it like a bitch.

30 seconds left. Luiz goes for some kind of submission but it’s so poor I don’t even know if it’s a leglock attempt or what. Fight is over. Jeez, I wonder who won???

Tatsuya Kawajiri defeats Luiz Azeredo (Judge’s Decision, Unanimous)

Murilo Bustamante vs. Makoto Takimoto


Not a lot of action in the first minute … Murilo pushes Makoto against the ring and then gets a yellow card (second foreigner to get one tonight!). Oh shit! They’re swinging for the fences now! Takimoto gets the trip and is now on top in Muril’s guard. Murilo goes for an armbar and pretty much locks it in. Takimoto is struggling to save himself and DOES IT! He pushes himself back over but is now on the bottom in a weird position. And now Murilo is in Takimoto’s guard. Great exchange

Takimoto takes some upkicks and then after a weird butt scoot goes back into Murilo’s guard. He almost gets Murilo’s back but Murilo slips back into guard. 6 minutes left in the round.

Murulo goes for another armbar and Takimoto ends up on the bottom to escape it. Murilo whacks Takimoto good and Takimoto rolls over to escape more punishment. They go through a bunch of positions before Murilo bullies into side control. And now mount. Takimoto tries to escape out the back door but just ends up with Murilo hanging off his back. Murilofalls off but grabs a leg on the way down and nearly gets some kinda leg lock. Takimoto pulls out of it and ends up mounted again. But then he just stands up. And now they’re trading crazy strikes. Takimoto throws so wild he falls on his face and Murilo is back on top. 2 minutes left.

After a minute of nothing Murilo stands up and the ref forces Takimoto up too. They start slugging again until Takimoto pulls Murilo down to the canvas with a headlock. Murilo ends up in side control and then stands up to end the round.

Round 1 winner: I dunno, it was pretty close. Because it is japan I’d say Takimoto.


Oooh, Round 2 starts with a good throw by Murilo, but it’s apparent now that this fight isn’t gonna end any time soon in either of these guys’ guard. Murilo gets up and forces a stand up. They start throwing again and Takimoto lands a good one, and another! Oh Shit! Takimoto knocks Murilo flat on his ass and somehow the ref doesn’t stop it. Takimoto hops on top but is too eager and can’t finish Murilo off. He swiches to knees to the body and the crowd is going fucking nuts. Kill that fucking Gaijin, Takimoto! Break his cocksucking ribs!

Takimoto traps Murilo’s arms and pounds away but the strikes are just too weak. He gives up the position and goes back to knees to the body. Ooh, Murilo comes to and throws a nasty knee to Takimoto’s head. 1 minute left. Takimoto hunkers down and seems happy to hold Murilo down to the end, but Murilo is trying to force an armbar. He’s got the arm but Takimoto is defending. It’s a question of who’s got the strength left with 10 seconds to go. Murilo lets the armbar go and tries to pound Takimoto out but the fight ends

Winner: Takimoto because he came an inch from KO’ing Murilo. Awesome fight.

Makoto Takimoto defeats Murilo Bustamante (Judge’s Decision, Split Decision)

Gilbert Melendez vs. Mitsuhiro Ishida


Melendez is left hanging by Ishida for a good minute before he taps gloves. And Ishida comes out fast, stalking Melendez. Melendez takes the middle of the rings and Ishida circles and then shoots. Ooh, he’s got Melendez’s back! Melendez stands back up but Ishida trips him and forces him down. He’s set up for a potential kimura or something. Melendez’s arm looks very vulnerable.

Ishida gives it up and they stand and seperate. Melendez bum rushes Ishida and throws some strikes. Ishida ducks under and doesn’t take much damage. Two minutes in and this is a really good fight. Ishida shoots again and puts melendez on his ass. Again he gets on Melendez’s back but Melendez bucks him off and now has Ishida’s back. Ishida escapes and they’re standing again. Three minutes done in the first round.

Ishida does that low shoot and puts Melendez down and takes his back AGAIN. Melendez stands up and DROPS ISHIDA ON HIS FUCKING HEAD. Spiked him really. And now he’s got Ishida in a guillotine but Ishida pulls out and is now on top in Melendez’s guard. Now into side guard. Melendez rolls over and presents his back, but rather than take another ride, Ishida seperates and they stand again. Five minutes left.

Ishida takes Melendez down again and stuffs him into the corner of the ring. Ishida looks to be working for a keylock or something but gives it up and they stand again. Until Ishida uses that same takedown and now has Melendez set up for a suplex. But Melendez drops down. For the first time, a minute passes without anything big happening. They stand and then Melendez throws some mean knees that seem to spazz Ishida out. He regains his compusure and goes back to his patented leg takedown. 1 minute left.

Melendez is slowly setting up for a kimura of his own but loses it. Ishida grabs his feet and again pulls them out from under him. End of round 1

Winner: Ishida. It’s a good night for the Japanese indeed.

Melendez is the aggressor now, I guess he realized waiting for Ishida to pull his legs out from under him wasn’t working. They tie up in a corner and oooh. Ishida going for his takedown but Melendez evades it. They serperate and Melendez lands a crazy knee direct into Ishida’s face …. Ishida is in trouble and Melendez hops on his back. But somehow a second later it’s Ishida who’s on Melendez’ back. Melendez again slams Ishida for his trouble and Melendz is now on top. Three minutes left in the fight.

The ref moves the fighters back into the middle of the ring. Melendez knows he needs to do better so really socks it to Ishida from the top. Nothing’s really damaging him, but all that striking looks pretty decent. The fight ends and both fighters raise their hand like they won.

The replays show Melendez’ crazy knee to Ishida’s face. Will his moments of greatness be enough so he wins the decision? No! It’s not enough – Ishida wins.

Mitsuhiro Ishida defeats Gilbert Melendez (Judge’s Decision, Unanimous decision)

Kazuo Misaki vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama

Well shit, my computer just crashed. I think it overheated from TOO MUCH MMA ACTION. I missed everything from the flashes of Oil of Olay they kept showing to the bell ringing. Perfect timing … well, at least it wasn’t during Fedor vs Choi.


Misaka tips Akiyama over but Akiyama recovers. Misaki is throwing some kicks at Akiyama’s legs. The Japanese audience roars it’s approval. These two look like they’re showing off new ideas for the ministry of silly walks. Misaki lands two good kicks and avoids a punch.

They circle for a good minute and a half with neither doing much. Misaki continues to hit Akiyama with slapping kicks to the legs and Akiyama continues to miss with power punches. 5 minutes left in the first round.

Ahaha oh man. Misaki stuck out his chin mockingly and Akiyama tagged him. Misaki fell to the ground like a sack of potatos but has recovered and now has half guard. And now full guard. And now he’s back on his feet. The crowd roars it’s approval. 3 minutes left.

Misaki shot in and hit Akiyama with a really hard punch but Akiyama swallowed it whole. Oh, Akiyama gets tagged with a hard punch and then Misaki follows up with a brutal knee. The ref jumps in quick and the fight is over!

Kazuo Misaki defeats Yoshihiro Akiyama (KO, Round 1)

Something fucking weird just happened. Misaki was yelling and crying at Takada and then Takada hugged him, then slapped him and then pushed him over into the corner of the ring. Very odd.

Now Misaki is talking to Akiyama with a weird look on his face and is now holding Akiyama’s face tenderly. I dunno what the fuck is being said but it seems like Misaki wants Akiyama to say something. When Akiyama stays silent, Misaki says some stuff that makes the crowd applaud, and then he bows full onto the ground before Akiyama.

Japan is strange.

Misaki’s going nuts, climbing into the rafters to hug people and throwing his clothes into the crowd. He’s fucking hyped … you know this win validates him after his controversial losing win at the last Bushido tournament.

Three more fights … I hope they’re quick. As awesome as this event is, I’m fucking dying here. Damn you, time zones! YOU SUCK!

I think it’s intermission time.

They’re doing a weird montage for the Fedor / Hong Man fight. They did a ‘Choi is 1 of a kind thing’ and now they’re doing a ‘Fedor is free as a bird’ thing. And now they’re showing Fedor beating up Vladamir Putin in sambo sparring? Was that Putin? Hmmm.

And now the thing on the screen says “THE FINAL DREAM STAGE”. Is this the end of Zombie Pride?

And yep, looks like it’s time for Fedor vs Choi. Hold onto your butts, people.

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Choi Hong Man

Is it just me or does Hong seem to be limping? His face also looks like he’s in pain or something, and he keeps blowing into his gloves? Wierd. Nice lightning shirt, gaylord.

Fedor comes out with his kooky management team. He’s also looking rather pensive. And it’s time!


Look at the size difference. Insane. Fedor shoots in… and Hong man lands on top! Fedor manages to pull into guard and now he gets an armbar! But somehow Hong Man pulls out of it! They seperate and stand. Fedor’s face looks fucked up. Hong Man falls on him again. Fedor tries to get up but Hong Man bowls him over. He’s got a huge bruise on his face. Another armbar! And Hong Man taps

Fedor Emelianenko defeats Choi Hong Man (Submission, Armbar, Round 1)

Hey, is that Jean Claude Van Damme in the ring with Fedor, giving him a kiss on the cheek? Man … what the fuck. Fedor looks like his face is covered in birthmarks. I guess Hong Man hits hard like a motherfucker.

I dunno what he’s saying, but Japan is eating that shit up.

Hayato Sakurai vs. Hidehiko Hasegawa

Eugh … I’m spent. Even the shrieky lady seems spent, she barely got Hasegawa’s name out at all. I’m gonna do my best to stay conscious for these last two fights.


Hasegawa comes on hard, but Sakurai counters with some harsh lower body kicks. Hasegawa tries some soft looking muay thai, and that doesn’t phase Sakurai. Hasegawa comes in swinging, and Mach grabs him and drags him to the ground. Mach is on top in half guard.

Mach lets Hasegawa up and they circle eachother agian. They swing and it looks like Mach has hurt Hasegawa with a punch. Mach takes Hasegawa down and lands some blows. After a few hard punches, Mach again lets Hasegawa stand. Hasegawa comes in swinging but Mach is catching him with accurate striking. The fighters go down, and are moved back into the centre of the ring with Mach on top. 5 minutes left.

Mach stalks Hasegawa across the ring and lands some punches and knees. He takes Hasegawa down but then lets him stand back up. They circle and strike again. No one does any real damage as they continue to strike at eachother, although Mach is getting the better of the exchanges. Hasegawa shoots but Mach stuffs it and rolls Hasegawa into guard. They’re up against the ropes so it’s restarted in the middle. 1.5 mins left in the round.

Mach lets Hasegawa up and they strike again. That might ‘sound’ exciting, but it’s not all that great. For the most part they’re being pretty slow and methodical with their striking and most of it is missing regardless.

Hsaegawa works the rubber gard and Mach slides out the backdoor as the round ends.

Winner: Mach was sharper.


Hasegawa comes out agressive and lands some decent strikes. Mach does what he does every time Hasegawa is getting something going and takes the fight to the ground, then backs off and brings it to the feet again. Mach gets some strikes together that look okay and then tosses Hasegawa to the ground. The ref gets things standing again and Hasegawa lands some decent strikes. They lock up and Mach tosses Hasegawa like a rag and takes side control. Looks like Mach is trying to set up for some sort of armbar. Hasegawa rolls away into guard.

Hasegawa is throwing little taps to Mach’s head. I don’t get what they’re supposed to accomplish. Mach gets up and they’re standing again. 1 minute left. Nothing much happens and it’s over

Winner: Mach was sharper … again.

Hayato Sakurai defeats Hidehiko Hasegawa (Judge’s decision, unanimous)

Hey look, it’s Monte Cox. I took a piss so I missed most of that. “Look forward to M1 Global being in Japan in 2008”

Shinya Aoki vs. Jung Bukyung

They’ve got a strange crying judoka bear animation thing going on for this bout. I bet I’ve said ‘weird’ and ‘strange’ over 30 times in this liveblog. But it’s true … a lot of the shit in this event is just … strange and weird!

Shinya Aoki does a little jiggle dance to his Baka song. He seems pretty happy that he doesn’t have to take this fight seriously at all. Oh my fucking god. Look at those pants. Look at those fucking pants. They’re GOLDEN. Literally GOLDEN.


Aoki takes Jung down. Jung is going for a … something or other. Or is it Aoki that has something. I have no idea what the fuck is going on right now but whatever it was, they both escaped. If there was something to escape from. Aoki is working the leglocks now and has a heel hook or something. Jung gets out of it but finds himself pushed up against the corner.

And now Aoki softens him up with strikes. Bet the olympic hero doesn’t like that. More strikes. And more strikes. And more strikes. Jung is getting hit but isn’t getting hurt, so Aoki goes back to working the legs. It doesn’t work and he ends up in guard, where the ref restarts it in the center.

Aoki goes back to hammering on Jung, but he just sucks at striking. Soooo back to the leg locks, but with heel kicks thrown in at the same time. Jung goes back and grabs an armlock … I think he’s got it! He’s pulling … pulling. But Aoki’s got his arms locked together. Jung is still working that shit. 5 minutes left. He’s pulling and pulling and pulling. He pulls it out but slips and Aoki’s arm comes free.

Aoki is back on top now. Aoki does the old strike / leglock thing, but to no avail. The ref stops the fight for a moment because I guess Jung got poked in the eye or some junk. And the action is back on. Jung smacks Aoki and Aoki goes down. Jung runs but Aoki rolls into a leg lock. Jung escapes and the ref forces a stand up for no real reason. Hmm. Aoki catches Jung with a good punch now and jumps on him. 1 minute left. Both fighters are exhausted and not moving as they wait for the round to end.

Winner: Aoki controlled the pace completely. Although Jung did have those two near subs. Hmmm.


Jung’s eye is swollen shut. They stalk eachother around the ring until Aoki takes Jung down. Aoki now has side control. Aoki seems content to stay on top and throw a few light shots down on Jung. Oooh, Aoki’s got mount! Jung is getting pummelled … this is gonna get stopped soon if he doesn’t do something. The ref is asking if he gives up. Jung says FUCK NO. He rolls onto his back and Aoki’s up on it like a fat kid on cake. He works an armbar but Jung slips out of it. They stand up, and that’s the end of the fight.

Winner: Aoki again, especially with that ending.

Shinya Aoki defeats Jung Bukyung (Judge’s Decision, Unanimous)

And that’s it people. I’m beat. I’ve been watching MMA for 7 hours now so it’s time to go to bed. It was something special tonight, guys. Thanks for your support and your help.