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Yarennoka is organized!

Nothing like ‘forgetting’ to tell fighters they’re on the card, and just letting them learn when they see their names included on a list. Here’s an interview with Mach Sakurai’s opponent Hasegawa:

– When did you know about your match?
It was the day before the press conference.   Mr. Saeki had forgotten to tell me till then.

– You said you heard about joining in “Yarennoka!” through the press and broadcasting in your blog.
That`s right.   Mr. Saeki asked me if I would like to fight in “Yarennnoka!” before, but was not told after that.   After training, a press guy told me that your name was in the list of fight in “Yarennoka!”

On a side note, the rest of this interview is awesome. Here’s some concentrated funny:

– What do you think about your opponent, Mach Sakurai?
He stays in the top of MMA for last 10 years.   He has an amazing power to damage opponents.   He said he would like to have a fight like playing a game, Final Fantasy.   In the game, I`m the main person who started from 1st level and finally get a chance to fight a strong guy.

– Mr. Saeki interrupted and said you are not challenging him.   You are the champion who is getting his challenge.
What? Don`t be like that.   It is obvious I`m not taking his challenge but I`m getting this opportunity to fight him finally.

– Have you been depressed before the fight?
Yes, I have once in a while but it wastes of my time.   I think positive and try to enjoy my fight.   I like fighting and decided to come this far.