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Xtreme Couture’s Playboy bunny

Meet Xtreme Couture’s latest addition to it’s female fold:

Tasha at the age of 20 was a well known Playboy model starting off here career as a Maui Thai fighter. She only had 2 months of training before she was thrown into a full contact Maui Thai fight as the main event at the Stardust in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Within 7 years she became a black belt in her discipline and won a world title belt fighting in Thai Land.

Tasha Marzolla (or LaTasha Marzolla as she’s known in the naked picture biz) also trained with Gina Carano’s old muay thai coach Master Toddy and was featured in the 2005 documentary Ring Girls. You can see video of one of her kickboxing fights ” target=”_blank”>here. I can’t really tell if she’s all that decent or not … those damn huge gloves make me feel like I’m watching foxy boxing or something. But she’s apparently got a 6-3 kickboxing record so there’s that.

Personally, I’m starting to get a little concerned … is this where all the hot talentless chicks come along and stink up women’s MMA to the point where no one wants to watch it anymore? I’m already sick to shit of what Strikeforce is doing with Kim Couture and that Karate Hottie chick – their fights were atrocities and shouldn’t be viewed by anyone other than a war crimes tribunal. Ya know, so they can decide which gulag those responsible should be sent to.

For now, I’m officially putting Tasha Margolla in my ‘amused indifference’ pile until she earns either my scorn or respect. As it stands though, she looks like she popped out of a Barbie box that was left next to the heater for too long. And if she’s really a hard enough worker to cut it in MMA, would she have gotten bongo tits installed at the age of 20 and started spreading her legs for money? So I guess you could say I’m leaning slightly more towards the ‘scorn’ category for now.

Oh, naked pictures here, here, here, and all over google.