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Xtreme Couture continues to eat the world

If grabbing half the good fighters and trainers in the world wasn’t enough, Randy’s XTreme Couture has started swallowing camps whole. Shawn Tompkins (who’s been XTreme’s striking coach for a few months now) is folding Team Tompkins into XTreme Couture. Team Tompkins includes fighters Sam Stout, Mark Hominick, and Chris Horodecki … some great talent that has been badly served in the corner by Tompkins in the past.

Since Randy has gained a rep as gameplan master, I can only hope this merge will be in more than name only. Both Stout and Hominick have the abilities to be champions, so perhaps rubbing Couture’s buddha-like head will give them that extra push to really make it. Couture will be at the IFL show this Saturday (an appearance that’s being blown out of proportion by some), so I guess we’ll see how his golden touch fares.

  • Matt says:

    We will probably end up with a super team of fighters who refuse to fight each other like Millitech.

  • I hope couture will be like “You must fight eachother, bitches”

  • Judge says:

    I hear M-1 is looking to sign some talent.

  • TALC says:

    Why mention Hominick and Stout as potential champs and not Horodeski?

  • Because I’m racist against polish people.

  • Buble says:

    Horodecki could would whoop Hominick and Stout’s asses.

  • yea right says:

    Excuse me the guy Chris Horodecki is undefeated Stout is a champion kick boxer and yet some clown that is a write is saying Shawn is a bad coach… MMMMm let me see Randy hires him to be a coach but some writer is trying to say he is a bad coach ……. should I believe in a trainer the Randy Couture trusts or some write or commentor like Joe Rogan ?? So your saying despite bad coaching from Shawn …Horodecki is undeated cause what he is lucky ??? LOL what a joke of an article