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XTreme Couture blog says Varner took a dive

I don’t know who Dustin Phillips is exactly, but he’s the guy who mops the mats at XTreme Couture and occasionally posts shit on their promotional blog. Up until today it was pretty boring stuff but now he just used it to drop a big stinky turd on Jamie Varner for ‘taking a dive’ on Sunday night against Donald Cerrone:

In no way am I taking what Jamie Varner has done to get the belt, but come on, are you serious. Donald Cerrone was there to fight. He was getting beat up, but still marching forward. From the moment Varner walked out, too when he got into the cage, he looked pail white and nervous. He stuck to a good game plan, because Cerrone is quite tall and good with his hands, so stick and move is fine. It just seemed to me like he was trying to point fight instead of bringing the fight to Cerrone.

Yes he was beating Cerrone up, swelled both of his eyes, but the pace was dictated by the “Cowboy” and when an inadvertant knee came into play, Varner took a dive, knowing he probably was winning on points. I have to give him this though, he should have been at the SAG Awards last night excepting the award for “Best dramatic performance by a female in the cage” because that was ridiculous.

The knee, in the replay didn’t hit him, he was tired and he was in pain from his hand. I am revoking his Man card unitl he shows me otherwise. Anyone of our 155lb fighters in this gym would eat his lunch, probably our 145lb fighters too.

The end of the Varner-Cerrone fight was a pretty big deal but up until now I didn’t really have anything to say about it. Personally, I have no idea if Varner played up the knee so he’d have a way out. And (surprisingly enough) when I’m not sure of something, I tend to avoid calling a person a pussy over it. So now I’ll ask you guys: what did you think of the knee? Was Varner really hurt by it or did he use it as an excuse to puss out? There’s some who are pushing to prove that the knee was legal … thoughts?