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XMMA is the guinea pig

The RACJ is already looking kinda stupid after everyone realized they’ve been regulating MMA for ten years using imaginary rules that were never written down. But now you can add ‘pigheaded’ to their list of faults. Sherdog tried to find out whether the XMMA show this weekend in Montreal would be held under the current non-existent rules or the rules kept in a dusty manual the RACJ didn’t look at for over 10 years. The response?

When asked last week for elucidation on the guidelines all MMA events will follow in the province, a QBC rep told to refer to the regulations on the agency’s official Web site — the outdated rules for “mixed boxing.”

The governmental agency refused any further comment, despite multiple requests for the public information.

“It was no comment last week; it is no comment this week,” RACJ representative Danielle Gagnon told on Tuesday. “It’ll be no comment next week and it’ll be no comment the week after that also.”

Marc Ratner, the UFC’s Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, told that UFC 97 will run under the “same rules as the last time we were there,” but did not elaborate.

As for the XMMA show on Friday, matchmaker Joey Benoit expressed the same sentiment.

“The rules they are going to be the same to the last show for XMMA, nothing was changed for the next XMMA 7 ‘Inferno’ event.”

I kinda get the feeling that the RACJ is trying to back down without appearing like they backed down. If anyone asks, they’ll say “We’re following the rules on the books!” but go to the events and everything will be running as usual. It’s an insane way of going about things, but so far there’s very little about this situation that is sane. I guess that’s what is going to be making this Friday’s XMMA show fun for us and ulcer-causing for the promoters. Regardless of it things go smooth or not, we’ll be at the show in person to see what happens.