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XMMA in Montreal this weekend

When Stephan Patry ‘quit’ Montreal’s TKO promotion last week, I was slightly confused. If Jake and I quit Fightlinker, then there’d be nothing left really. And while there’s apparently some shadow owner of TKO floating around somewhere, Patry leaving means TKO’s future is completely uncertain.

That leaves Montreal with XMMA to fill in the gaps. XMMA was started by Steve Claveau and David L’Oiseau because they were tired of having to put up with Patry’s bullshit (a sentiment echoed by people across the Canadian MMA landscape), and has really started to put together some decent cards.

Tomorrow night Jake and I will be heading out to XMMA 6, which will be a smaller show but we’re still looking forward to it. No real names past Jesse Forbes and Ryan Jimmo (heh) but Rémi Morvan (who we call Rocky since he’s always a last second replacement who triumphs unexpectedly) is on the card, as well as a few guys from my gym as well.

You can get more info on the card here, and if any of you jackals are gonna be at the show, get in touch with us so we can get together and have a few beers together!