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The ‘morning after’ DREAM conference was strange indeed, with Sakuraba skipping it and then everyone spending the entire time discussing Saku and their feelings towards him. At this point I’ve stopped trying to read into or between the lines of or around the back of what I see coming out of Japan. I officially quit. You guys have fun trying to sort out what the fuck this means and if they’re being funny haha or wacky hoho. Just come get me when pigs fly, because maybe that’ll be when the Japanese start making some fucking sense.

As for Sakuraba, I suppose he is not here because he is hungover and sleeping now. He won yesterday and had a party after the fight. He must be KO’d by alcohol. I hope he attends the conference when we announce fight cards of the 2ND round.

Sakuraba can do anything he wants. He chose to sleep today because he drank too much last night. I don’t drink and I believe this is a part of my job to attend this conference.

After the fight, I had fun having dinner with my teammates. I couldn’t sleep well till morning and am kinda tired. Sakuraba can do whatever he wants to do. I like the way he is.

I had a party with my teammates and drank a bit. My teammate woke me up this morning and I could come to this conference.

Sakuraba is a great guy. He trains even if he is hungover. I cannot concentrate if I drink during my training and fighting though. I had Korean dinner and went to bed after the fight.

Sakuraba must be good at partying. I hope he tells me how to party and enjoy a lot next time.