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Wrong belt, wrong guy

One of the many many things I didn’t manage to do over UFC 96 weekend was catch a glimpse of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He took the weekend off from running California into the ground to attend his annual Sports and Fitness conference, and took a few seconds to interact with the UFC fans in attendance. Amusingly enough, he kinda screwed the whole thing up:

The UFC booth at The Arnold Classic was a huge hit. Over a dozen fighters signed autographs over the course of three days. The fighters and Octagon Girls who signed on Saturday morning got the honor of spending time with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not much time but it was a special 37 seconds.

Brock Lesnar had a look of awe on his face but he got totally dissed by Arnold. The governor picked up [Miguel Torres’] WEC belt and said “let’s give the champ his belt.” Except that he didn’t give it to the current UFC heavyweight champ Lesnar, instead the former champ Randy Couture got the photo op with Arnold as the governor’s back was turned to Lesnar. Poor Brock!

Notice Brock shaking his head and the giant smile on Randy’s face. I’d heard the story about this happening but having the video makes it all the more epic.