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Worst athletic commission in the country

Over the weekend, Manny Pacquiao got robbed by judges in Nevada after his fight with Timothy Bradley. Dana White was watching and tweeted “Nevada state athletic commission!! Worst athletic commission in the country!!!!!!!!!!!!”, which is an impressive statement to make right after the UFC visited Florida. MMA Fighting devoted an entire article to all the mistakes, mayhem, and mental retardation on display at UFC on FX: Johnson vs McCall, which included…

  • Not knowing how to operate the weigh-in scale
  • Not knowing fighters are allowed to touch the cage with their feet
  • Not knowing when to deduct points for illegal blows
  • Not knowing how to tabulate scorecards

The worst (but not only) example of scorecard stupidity was in the Mike Pierce v Carlos Eduardo Rocha. Mike gave Carlos a solid one sided Fitching, but one of the judges still managed to score the fight 30-27 for Rocha. Fast forward FOUR days later, and the commission finally figured out that yes, that judge was scoring for the wrong guy. Here’s Mike Pierce on the situation:

“I was unaware that the judge scored it for the wrong corner, nor was I told,” Pierce said. “My thoughts on the outcome still remain the same. Judges have had a bad rap for a while now, and it’s instances like this that don’t help their case any.”

“So he scored it for the wrong corner – is that supposed to make me feel better?” Pierce said. “Look, these guys are supposed to be professionals like me. Maybe I hold myself to a higher standard, but if all I had to do was keep track of who’s winning a round every five minutes, it would be an easy day at the office. I don’t know what’s worse: Scoring it for Rocha 30-27, or saying he accidentally put the scores down wrong on the card. Come on, pal – you only have two options: red or blue. Bruce Buffer even starts out by introducing us from the red or blue corners. I’m pretty sure my girlfriend’s 12-year-old couldn’t even (expletive) that up. It seriously makes you wonder where the hell they get these people.”

And trust me, little Billy f*cks EVERYTHING up. But as big of a f*ck-up as he is, he doesn’t come close to the f*ck-up-ability of the Florida Athletic commission.

  • agentsmith says:

    I thought Dana and the Fertittas here all buddy-buddy with the guys at the NSAC.

  • Blackula Jonez says:

    NSAC and FSAC are two different athletic commissions.

    And I think Pierce is trying to push his gf’s kid into a state job so he can get the little booger out of the house.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    all the commissions suck

  • frickshun says:

    The weigh-ins for Johnson/McCall were a fucking catastrophe. And I remember the whole “get your feet of the cage” thing. I thought  maybe I was dreaming…….

  • SHORT_BUS says:

    That fight with the 2 illegal knees was a cluster fuck too. The ref intervened briefly after the first illegal knee but didn’t stop the fight. He just stepped back and stared at the fighters and they looked at him like “what do you want us to do” then he finally jumped in and called time.

    Florida gon Florida.

  • iamphoenix says:

    the weigh in scale was in spanish. easy mistake anyone would have made.

  • frickshun says:

    Short Bus–>gif made me fucking LOL.