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World Series of Fighting is sparing no expense

The new World Series of Fighting promotion has done a good job of attracting buzz in the MMA world – websites are covering their development and fans are talking about it on forums. But not all the attention has been positive. Many are still skeptical about a newb promotion holding their first event on national television. And here’s Sherdog subtly saying their big ambitions are leading to big fighter payouts, a hallmark of the crash and burn promotions of the past:

Rumor has it that the promotion has been quite generous with its contracts, and it had to be in order to acquire the type of name value necessary to please the network suits. Following the Bellator Fighting Championships model of building relatively unknown prospects through tournaments would have been ideal — and probably cheaper — but the presence of NBC is a game changer.

Following that go big or go home attitude, WSOF is also working on more acquiring more talent including Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson and Phil Baroni. And in other promotional news, their announcer’s booth loses Kurt Angle but adds Renzo Gracie to its team of Bas Rutten and Michael Shiavello. That’s a Triforce of funny commentator accents right there.

As for why Kurt Angle is out and Renzo Gracie is in, Angle says it is “Due to A Conflict of Interested”, in other words because the promotion he wrestles for is owned by Viacom and NBC Sports is owned by rival Comcast. Don’t you love living in a world where giant media conglomerates own everything and wage proxy battles with each other through busted old pro wrestlers? Heaven forbid Kurt Angle be allowed to get exposure in the MMA world and remind people he’s not dead and still wrestling on SpikeTV every Thursday.

This little incident also gives you a sign of the difficulties FUEL TV will have getting onto other cable services. FUEL is owned by FOX, aka NewsCorp. So expect Comcast and Time Warner to be real dicks about carrying the channel on their providers. Yep, capitalism is the best! Just not for customers.

  • agentsmith says:

    Capitalism is the best, corporatism is probably not.

  • randlemansvertical says:

    for a guy who only started with a background in bodybuilding, Baroni has made a pretty good go of things

  • Reverend Clint says:

    wow these guys are filling their deck with the best of the rest

  • That Comcast, Time Warner, and other members of the FCC cartel wield mafioso-like control of television is not the product of Capitalism, but rather the merger of State and Corporate interests, which is corporatism, standing just a cunt hair away from fascism. By contrast, the NFL (among other USA sports leagues) enjoys a Congressionally granted exemption from anti-trust (i.e. anti-monopoly) laws. (Absent a government granted monopoly there might be professional (american) football in every town the size of Green Bay, WI, much as relatively small towns in Europe have football teams. Instead, over 100k college football players toil producing content for a $6 billion+ industry, for which most receive a shitty state education and about 300 get a legit shot at THE league.) And fuck that shit.

    By contrast, the UFC has to battle for legal legitimacy on multiple domestic (NY) and international (Germany, Thailand) fronts–and do so against the direct financial interests of every established sport and other entertainment (WWE), all of which desperately, if privately, wish the UFC would quietly die. These and other decidedly un-capitalistic governmental issues, barriers, and limitations (for instance, attempting to positively modify the Unified Rules, which is obviously necessary due to officiating issues, among other reasons, requires action by gov officials in 43+ states and multiple foreign countries, and good luck with that UFC) combine into making the UFC much more ‘risky’ (from Fertitta’s standpoint) than it should be, and wastes a vast amount of human and financial resources that would otherwise be invested in ‘making stars,’ ‘increasing fighter pay,’ developing a regional or country farm league system, or any number of other business activities that MMA “fans” constantly shout about.
    Capitalism is nothing more than free exchange on each Individual’s terms. Next time you rightfully bitch about major corporations fucking shit up, which they do, remember that the force they wield comes by and through bought and sold government.

    Sincerely, Gary Johnson–Libertarian Candidate for President of the USA. Platform: MORE FREEDOM, EQUAL TREATMENT, AND LESS WAR–NOW, for everyone’s sake. Fuck the dumbshit. Vote for Gary Johnson.

  • agentsmith says:

    I was with you except for the part about officiating/judging problems being tied to the Unified Rules. The problem isn’t the rule-set, the problem is that an athletic commission is just a state government agency like any other (akin to the motor vehicles department), who doesn’t bother to employ people who actually have a background in that field, and who is loathe to admit that there’s anything wrong with the way it currently does things. They’re not combat sports experts, they’re public employees and bureaucrats.