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Words of Wisdom

Somewhere between a tale of Luke Cummo going through his poop with chopsticks and talking about Richie Hightower getting dropped by the UFC, Ken Pavia drops a quote from Nick Diaz which is now my new mantra for life:

One of my favorite quotes was the advice Nick Diaz gave to little brother Nate before a WEC fight. While graphic in nature, it really is a life lesson. He said “[email protected]#* him up, and don’t be a bitch.”

Those Diaz brothers … so philosophical and eloquent.

  • Shaun says:

    That sounds like a tattoo waiting to happen.

  • kentyman says:

    I like how he says them like they’re two unrelated comments.

    “Fuck her hard, and don’t be gay.”

  • Wu Tang says:

    Aww, the Diaz family is one fucked up one. There should be a comedy show about this, with Joe Rogan as the annoying next door neighbour who jerks off and gets free weed to give the main char, Nick, some good canadian purple haze. And even have fightlinker as guests on this show! Awww, MMA gods hearthis cree for this show.

  • Accomando says:

    “[email protected]#* him up, and don’t be a bitch.”

    Seriously though, that is good advice. Although I would have said it in this order “…Don’t be a bitch, and Fuck him up…” Just my view on that, but again, sage advice.

  • RL Dookiefuck says:

    Wu Tang is a long lost Diaz brother.

  • Diaz, forever one of my favourite MMA fighters

  • riley says:

    It should be a reality show Wu Tang (because of the writers strike) and somehow Floyd Mayweather Sr. has to be their step dad.

  • M.O.B says:

    wu tang you dont know shit. I train at cesar gracies and they are very respectful nice guys. They have endured alot and they have a great rags to riches story. they do keep it real though, if you come in that gym with a mohawk/painted nails or toes/ bleached or colored haid or anything like that they will make fun of you non stop. They are hilarious.

  • operator says:

    Anything more complex than that and Nick would just start stuttering so he needs to keep it simple.

  • fightfan says:

    Those Diaz boys……

    I wonder if Nick taught Nate how to throw a tantrum and disrespect everyone when you lose. That is classic Diaz behavior, it is the essence of poor sportsmanship

  • Wu Tang says:

    Ahehe, i guess when it comes to hit home, there will someone to be on the defensive :D. All i can say is thay my grand master instructor does not like Ceaser gracie. And from taht, i declare war (bad blood amounst the gracie lineage!)! Nothing against diaz, i hope you know its a joke, if you dont.. you dont belong here.

    Oww who would play Nicks GF… Should it be diego’s ex fiance? owwww, now that would get ratings!!! man i can write a script for this!

  • Mike_N says:

    After beating Gomi, we got this gem from Nick: “I boxed him up, then I gogo’ed him. Fucking put me in a magazine or something. Fuck.”

    Ever since that, I’ve followed Nick’s weird interviews religiously, and it’s nice to have something this profound to add to Nick’s wisdom.

  • Amy says:

    Wu Tang work on your on grammar and writing skills and leave the Diaz boys alone. They have scrap and heart. So what if Nicky brats out and rambles in interviews. He is fierce and I like his marshmellow punch accuracy. He ruffles feathers and it’s fun. Nate is adorable, who doesn’t love a lisp.

  • Wu Tang says:

    Awww, Amy likes them, soo cute :D. Read the comments above that i posted, jokes get them? I guess you guys take to heart on how your beloved fighters and what not. Like how Pride fan boys takes it to heart about their fighters losing. Lossen up!

  • beewheezy says:

    god fucking dammit i love watching nick diaz fight, on his good nights he could knock out a swarm of locusts one by one. on his bad nights he looks like cyclops from the x-men. how old is nicky anyway? all these douches were like “he’s done” after renegayde, isn’t he only like 26? i hope he fights on the feb 16th kimbo v abbot card, but its probably too soon.

  • pauli says:

    i believe gary shaw has scheduled him to rematch staphylococcus “supastaph” aureus.

  • Renzo Winehouse says:

    Fucking Pavia…drinking his own piss and eating his own shit while the
    UFC torches two of his fighters.

  • Hehe well you can’t save everyone. Losing to Lister = kiss of death

  • Amy says:

    Again loosen up…bad grammar Wu Tang

  • frickshun says:

    Just want to say I love me some Diaz Bros. I would have supported this reality show until I saw some retarded YouTube vid of them fighting in their living room. It reminded me of being in junior high. Also, can the UFC find someone to punch Lister in the face really hard to convince him that MMA is not for him. When I can’t sleep I watch his fights . . . . instant coma.