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Won’t somebody think of the children?

In case you were wondering if New York assemblyman Bob Reilly was still slagging MMA at every opportunity, let’s check up on him:

“There is overwhelming, widespread opposition to [MMA],” Reilly says. “Many of my constituents come up to say, ‘You’re doing the right thing. How can we have this?’ It’s a violent sport that is harmful and damaging. Violence begets violence. It helps create a culture in our society of domestic violence, of bullying, of violence against gays, of illegal gun use. It’s the job of state legislatures to pass laws against that sort of stuff, and then we put something like ultimate fighting as our form of entertainment?”

He spins anecdotes like a basketball coach calling out plays, all fervor and gung-ho commitment. He tells the sad story of a man in his district who killed his wife, then committed suicide, another tale of violence begetting violence, though he offers no direct link to MMA. He says in Albany’s city schools and on its streets, “the fights among young people, half the time it’s girls, which I find a little more disturbing. That might sound sexist, excuse me. But it’s no different than ultimate fighting, when I see one woman grab another woman by the head and knee her in the stomach.”

“I find that even more offensive than man doing that to man. I don’t think we should show that to kids,” Reilly says. “We don’t want that in our schools. We legislate bullying and domestic violence all the time, but how can kids tell the difference when they’re seeing it on TV, as a legitimate sport?”

What kind of idiot children has Bob Reilly been hanging out with? By his reasoning, New York kids should already be running wild superman punching the elderly and heel hooking teachers. After all, this mind melting shit is already being beamed into New York state via SpikeTV.

And I bet you any teenager can walk into a Best Buy and pick up a high def copy of most UFC events. How will this teenager be able to tell the difference between that and reality? Will Dana White be the one paying for all the flatscreen televisions kids put their heads through trying to climb into this magical world of human cockfighting?

(link via Fight Opinion)