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Women’s boxing vs women’s MMA

AOL Fanhouse did an interview with Miesha Tate on the eve of her fight with Sarah Kaufman (by the way, both made weight while a few guys missed theirs – what is going on lately?). One of the questions asked was why women’s MMA is so much more interesting than women’s boxing:

You know, I have been trying to figure that out for a while. I’m not sure why it’s so much more popular than women’s boxing. I guess the only thing I can say is that women’s boxing, and boxing in general, is just a headhunting sport. You get a lot of concussions and a lot of broken noses, bloody faces and bruising. A lot of it, except for body shots, has to do with striking to the face or to the head. So, I don’t think men or women like to see other women getting punched in the face as much. Whereas MMA offers so many other aspects that maybe it’s a little more fun to watch the women wrestle, takedown and go for submissions. There’s a lot more to appreciate, and it’s not as hard for people to stomach as maybe boxing would be where you just see women repeatedly get hit in the face.

Very good point … if Gina Carano ended up looking more like Glen Carano after a few fights, then maybe things would be less popular. I also think there’s a lot of old time chauvinism in boxing that you see less of in MMA. Boxing is full of old men who think women don’t belong in combat sports and the sport was better before ‘the ethnics’ got a hold of it. MMA has it’s share of idiots but for the most part is populated by people young enough to know that women can and should be allowed to fight. Because it’s fun to watch.