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Women on The Ultimate Fighter?

Oh, how long ago was it that his Majesty Dana White declared on his gilded throne that nay, no womans may participate in Ye Olde Ultimate Fighting Challenges? I declareth that I know not. However, the time for women in the UFC may be nigh: a smidgeot of information gleamed from a Sherdog article says thusly regarding The Ultimate Fighter:

If September’s season six draws meager attention, then I wouldn’t be surprised to see the series take the inevitable reality TV tact of altering the format. Producer Craig Piligian recently told me that a woman’s edition has already been discussed.

Craig Piligian was the executive producer of the first season of TUF and was basically the ‘reality show expert’ the UFC poached to run the show. While Dana White and Spike TV may not always see eye to eye, Craig Piligian is a serious motherfucker and if he says women are being considered, then they’re being considered. Of course, I wouldn’t break out the lube and tissues just yet. This is but the first of hopefully many more hints the UFC is getting ready to start a women’s division.

  • Asa says:

    Are there really enough good fighters to fill out the weight classes? Without a healthy year’s worth of matches this thing aint likely to get far. If this were to happen, they’d have to be ready to reap the publicity and hit the ground running. But without more than Roxy, MegaMegu and Carano, this thing might not get far.

    Maybe they could start a smaller org that puts on a few shows a year until they’ve got a solid roster. Or maybe this could be the format itself? The reality show is the promotion. Twice a year they could hold a reality show Tourney with the finals on a PPV?

  • Mike O says:

    oh man i’m trying to picture the TUF house with women. the women are sitting out back drinking beer and 2 of them start trash talking and throw down….
    drunken food fight across the backyard patio…
    hmm doesnt seem likely for some reason.

  • Wu Tang says:

    yeah.. butch women with deep voices and coli-flower…. yeah……

  • Matt says:

    Later will be midgets and post op trannies. Go UFC

  • Mike O says:

    one good thing about post op trannies: they dont have to take a break after an accidental groin shot.

  • intenso says:

    You guys think women’s mma = midgets and post-op trannies?

    cause that would be dumb.

  • midgets and post-op trannies don’t give me a boner. Women’s mma does.

    But seriously, I’d love to see women’s MMA. I think it would have to be a one weight class division at first, but that’s a start. There’s more than enough talent out there to have 2 really good female matches per UFC event