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Woman who murdered Vitor Belfort’s sister confesses


According to Globo News, this Wednesday, August 8, Elaine Paiva da Silva, 27, confessed to the kidnap and murder of Priscila Belfort, sister of fighter Vitor Belfort, three years after her disappearance.

Silva said she herself pulled the trigger on Priscila after the leader of the gang expressed displeasure with the lack of negotiations for ransom.

I don’t really have anything funny to say about this, just thought I’d pass along the news.

  • Jonathan says:

    Having two sisters of my own, I understand that the relationship with one’s sister is complex, and I feel for Vitor Belfort. I honestly believe that everything he said during that time was legit, and I hope he can turn to his pronounced faith and find a way to deal through this.

  • Frank says:

    Woah crazy the finally found the killer.