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WMMA Madness

Things have been a little bit up in the air for Women’s MMA over the past few months. With Gina Carano off being a movie star and Cris Cyborg sidelined with an injury, there hasn’t been much for the mainstream MMA sites to cover (other than news of their nudity). But things kick off again with a bang on January 30th, where there is a triforce of WMMA power being unleashed:

Cris Cyborg vs Marloes Coenen @ Strikeforce: Miami
You haven’t heard much about this because everyone’s been too busy talking about Herschel Walker and Bobby Lashley (sigh), but this fight is looking like it’s gonna be a killer. Coenen is working with Dutch kickboxing camp Golden Glory on her standup and has the ground skills to give Cyborg fits. Most importantly, she has the size and strength necessary to hang in this fight. She was already cutting hard to hit 145 when she fought Roxy back in November, and she’s had two and a half more months to get into even better (read: bigger) shape. I dunno if it’ll be enough to beat Cyborg, but it’ll be a great test and a guaranteed barnburner of a fight.

Roxanne Modafferi vs Molly Helsel @ KOTC: Toryumon
Speaking of Roxanne, she’ll be returning to action in Japan against an opponent who’s actually in the same weight class for once. Helsel is solid on the ground and the feet but I don’t think she’s a match for our girl Roxy. And don’t forget if you want to keep up with what she’s up to, you can read her blog here or friend her on Facebook and send her some love and support!

135 pound Women’s Grand Prix @ Freestyle Cage Fighting 39
I never knew Oklahoma’s MMA scene was so awesome. Last weekend they had an event headlined by 5 ex-UFC fighters and two weeks later they get a Women’s Grand Prix featuring Shayna Baszler, Jennifer Tate, Kaitlin Young and Jan Finney amongst others. Erin Toughill, fresh off an ovarian injury sustained from training, will be headlining the event as well (if they can find an opponent for her).

Not a bad day for Women’s MMA, huh? But now for the new news: Strikeforce has finally announced when it’s 8-women 135 and 145 pound tournaments will take place, and the fun starts in April on a Strikeforce Challengers card. Participants haven’t been named yet, but considering she stepped in last second to face a much bigger Marloes Coenen back in November, Roxy should be a shoe-in for the 135 pound tournament. So things have gone from being pretty quiet on the WMMA front to pretty exciting. Here’s hoping things keep rolling right into the summer and Gina Carano comes back to roundhouse kick the mainstream media into paying more attention to this movement!