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WMMA is losing one of it’s greats

I’ve got some good news and bad news. The good news is that DEEP 105 pound champ Miku Matsumoto is finally going to be facing off against female P4P #1 Megumi Fujii in what will be rankings-wise the best fight in women’s MMA … ever? Certainly the best in a while, and that’s not because recent fights have been slouchy. The bad news? It’s only an exhibition and is going to be Miku’s last fight. She’s planning to retire afterward due to a bad case of the blahs.

This sucks … women’s MMA loses another great fighter and you can’t help but feel it’s because the sport just doesn’t offer it’s participants a whole lot of upside for all the time, effort, blood, and sweat that has to be put into it. I can only hope WMMA will continue to grow so we don’t lose too many more Mikus, although with Gina Carano fucking off it certainly seems like the first female MMA ‘explosion’ has happened and now things will just have to build at a more measured pace.

Speaking of women’s MMA and it’s growth, Sarah Kaufman vs Takayo Hashi didn’t do much to raise it’s stature or impress anyone, although to be fair I think that’s the first shitty female fight not involving Kim Couture that’s made it onto television. And it wasn’t even all that bad – it just proved that female fighters are perfectly capable of pulling off a boring decision like the guys. Still, that hasn’t stopped stupid fucktards from using the fight to push their whole ‘Get back into the kitchen’ attitude towards WMMA. This is to be expected from the forums and comments sections, but I was pretty surprised when I checked into the ‘Gals Guide to MMA’ site and read this from ‘Beth’:

Friday night’s fight added a new dimension to my dislike of women’s MMA. I thought that this fight was ridiculously boring. I was really blown away that these women were considered the best and fighting for a title shot! I think that Sarah Kaufman is a good fighter. But Hashi was so obviously outclassed by her that it was embarrassing to watch. I can’t help but feel that there had to be someone better suited to fight Kaufman. And if there isn’t? Then women’s MMA is in a sad state of affairs.

In thinking back on a few title fights I’ve recently seen between men, the difference is quite noticeable. Let’s take the Lesnar vs. Mir fight. As unpopular an opinion as it is, I am a Mir fan. However, Mir was absolutely dominated during this fight. When Lesnar knew that he had Mir, he didn’t sit around dancing with him for 5 rounds. He absolutely destroyed him as quickly as possible, and Mir’s face ended up looking like ground beef. Now, I know that not every fight between men is an all out war, however, can we ever expect to see a female fight come anywhere close to the excitement that the Sanchez vs. Guida fight brought us during TUF 9 finale? I don’t think so.

Now with them being part of the SB Nation family, I’ve tried to give this site a chance but it’s just fucking awful. Fortunately, unlike Beth, I won’t judge all women’s blogging based on the blogging I see on their site but lemme tell you what, this one tiny slice I’ve seen sure makes things look like women’s blogging is in a sad state of affairs!

I’m not going to be ignorant enough to make that kind of statement because I recognize that outside my limited personal experience there’s probably a bunch of female bloggers who don’t suck and are totally awesome. Even if I didn’t know this for a fact, I wouldn’t just make an uneducated half ass statement claiming the opposite and basically saying “Women are incapable of being as good as men.” Because that would be DUMB.