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Winners and losers

Sherdog has a list of winners and losers (care of Luke Thomas, respekt) from last weekend’s EliteXC show, and while I don’t particularly agree with all of the winners (any winning EliteXC has done went down in flames with StandGate, and any winning MMA fans got out of enjoying the show were tainted as a result), they do point out a number of losers I agree with:

4. Jared Shaw

The alleged vice president of EliteXC is in desperate need of a press secretary or communications manager who can adeptly address issues related to the organization without appearing like a mascot or defensive juvenile. Not only did Shaw’s verbal sparring with UFC President Dana White leave anyone witness to the exchange feeling pity for Shaw, but they color him feckless as well.

But no imagery could’ve imprinted his unprofessionalism or bias worse than the one circulating MMA message boards and blogs everywhere: Shaw screaming to referee Troy Waugh that Kimbo had been struck in the back of the head. Despite the absolute vacuity of the charge, the more important concern is the open bias of an EliteXC official on such vivid display. Beyond unseemly but somehow not unexpected, the sight is one of utter amateurish behavior.

I’d like to add Jake Shields and Roy Nelson to the losers category. Jake Shields came into the fight as an elite welterweight and left looking pretty ordinary. I guess that’s the problem when you’re expected to smash through less than stellar opponents: if you don’t absolutely decimate them, then you haven’t really ‘won’. Jake’s inability to finish Paul Daley from the mount made him look borderline foolish, and definitely human.

As for Roy Nelson, he’s now relegated to the pile of overhyped IFL competitors. How he’s supposed to shrug off this mantle in Affliction, I have no idea. Guys like Paul Buentello and Pedro Rizzo seem like the opponents in his future, and what can we really tell about his place in the overall heavyweight standings off those fights? I guess he can battle Ben Rothwell again for the title of best IFL heavyweight.