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Win super awesome free betting money from BetUS!

Well wowsers people, could this be the first Fightlinker contest in the history of the site? Well no, not really. Back in the day we were giving away t-shirts to the person we arbitrarily decided had the best question for our Low Blow Mailbag show. But that was kinda bullshit because we usually picked the person who had the weirdest question.

But now finally there is a contest based on SKILL … or rather KNOWLEDGE? I dunno. But basically the smarter you are about your MMA, the better chance you have at winning. Okay, so a lot of it is based on shit you can’t actually predict. Hmmm. Anyways. The scoop is that our friends at BetUS are offering us two $100 credits on their evil gambling website. All you have to do to win them? Come first or second in the Fightlinker UFC80 predictions forum!

That’s right, all you have to do is log in and post your picks for who’ll win, what round, and how. You can win up to three points per fight by getting all the details correct.

For example, if you picked Joe Stevenson to win by strikes in the 3rd round, you’d be pretty stupid. But if by some miracle Joe Stevenson actually won, you’d get one point. If it was by strikes, you’d get another. But it was in the fifth round? Damn. You only come out of that fight with two points rather than three.

So I think that makes things very clear and easy for everyone. You can post your questions in the comments section but it’s important to note that only people who post their predictions in the forum are ‘entered’ in the contest. It’s our way of forcing you to become a member of our site. Sneaky, huh?

Remember, the two top people get $100 accounts at BetUS, which we’ll have ready for them on Monday … just in time to make some bets on Wednesday’s Ultimate Fight Night. And to help you make those bets, we’ll have our favorite BetUS guy and ADHD victim Damon D on the Low Blow to go over that card.

So what are you waiting for??? GO THE THE FORUM NOW and get your picks in!

  • Fightlinker Jackal says:

    Fix the “GO THE THE FORUM NOW”

  • intenso says:

    I’ll have that $100 turned into several hundred thousand by the end of the year.

  • Stirling says:

    How much is BetUS paying in sponsorship money to MMA websites to run these contests?

  • For us, zero dollars. We’re actually friends with Damon and he offered the accounts as thanks for all the radio shenanigans we’ve done with him. We passed the goodness onto you. Although this idea of ‘getting paid’ does sound kinda interesting. Perhaps we shall look into that!

  • Stirling says:

    Well, you are advertising for a gambling website. It’s like a banner ad except the entire article is an ad. Do you really think BetUS is doing it just to be nice?

    It’s also kind of a “big coincidence” that many MMA websites are doing the exact same thing.

  • Stirling says:

    You should also probably include a disclaimer about the legality of BetUS for US citizens. You don’t want to accidentally lure your readers to breaking federal laws against online gambling.

  • Man, this whole site is one big legal question mark to begin with 😉 We understand that obviously BetUS gets something out of this as far as exposure goes, but if people want to give us free things, then I’m all for it. Added value for you guys! (unless you end up in jail)

  • Stirling says:

    And finally, I notice BetUS has an affiliate program where the referring website earns a decent % of the revenue generated by the visitor.

    Not trying to be a dick, just saying what everyone is (probably) thinking.

  • Oh yeah, tis all good. Trust me, when we sell out we’ll make it very clear that’s what we’re doing. Most of the users keep telling us we should! As it stands, I hope the % thing isn’t in effect, because a percentage of 200$ given away would mean we’d be paying them :-p

  • Accomando says:

    I like that you guys have kept it real.

  • DamonD says:

    Shucks guys, I guess my diabolical scheme to plunder the fightlinker millions and incarcerate your fan base has been foiled. shitty too, i was hoping to use the money to start a betting website related fight promotion based solely on unknown names and one massive headliner. It would’ve been foolproof!