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Win or lose, Anderson wants GSP

I dunno about you, but I’m starting to think maybe Georges St Pierre isn’t going to be able to get past Carlos Condit as easily as many think he will. Considering he’s just coming back from knee reconstruction (the beginning of the end for many athletes), it just doesn’t seem to be a sure deal for me. Add in the fact that he’s talking about being more exciting rather than playing it safe and suddenly Condit’s chances improve dramatically.

The Greg Jackson way of approaching that fight would be to pin Carlos down to the mat and hold him there for five rounds. If Georges tries to go tete-a-tete things could get ugly. For all the shit he got after the Serra loss, the big revelation there was all it takes is a good shot to the head to change everything. So with that in mind, I am happy to know that a GSP loss to Carlos Condit won’t affect Anderson Silva’s desire for their superfight. Here’s Andy talking to SporTV (translation via Bloody Elbow)

“Regardless of who wins, even if St. Pierre loses, a fight with me can happen. A fight like this is above anything else. St. Pierre is one of the greatest of the UFC. Right now, a fight with Condit is meaningless.”

See, Mr Jones. There’s a savvy businessman right there. He knows where the big money fight is at, and he’s gonna chase it.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    hmm i wonder if dana told anderson if he takes Jon Jones lead and pusses out of a super fight he will can his savage ass back to Ecuador

  • Not to quibble but that was a weird, once in a million, blow that Serra delivered to GSP. Serra was throwing a right hook. GSP leaned into it. Serra’s fist wrapped around the back of GSP’s head and Serra’s bicep popped GSP’s eardrum, disrupting his equilibrium.

    I can’t recall anyone really testing GSP’s chin. And I don’t see Condit, who has evolved into a point fighter, doing it either. But maybe double palm strikes to the ears?

  • voice of reason says:

    ^serra gsp1 wasn’t that complex, gsp got hit behind the ear, which drops everyone… see franklin vitor, lesnar randy…. that’s it.

    i think gsp will still win and he needs to get exciting but after a knee reconstruction is not a good time to do it.

  • voice of reason says:

    and i don’t think silva gsp will ever happen… silva talks a lot of shit from fighting mir to dropping to welter

  • G Funk says:

    “See, Mr Jones. There’s a savvy businessman right there. He knows where the big money fight is at, and he’s gonna chase it.”

    Interesting thing about that is Andy doesn’t want any part of JJ.