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Wilson Reis jumps ship

Wow, look. Another fighter breaking away from the ProElite fold:

EliteXC bantamweight (140 pounds) champion Wilson Reis is expected to sign a contract with the Bellator Fighting Championships, has learned.

Reis’ agent, Matt Stansell of North County Fight Club Fight Management, told Five Ounces of Pain that the 23-year old jiu-jitsu black belt has not formally signed his deal with Bellator but that it could be finalized within days.

Reis is still technically under contract to ProElite but Stansell indicated that he believes that the promotion is in violation of the terms of the contract and any legal attempt to prevent Reis from working with Bellator would unlawfully hinder his ability to earn a living.

Also mentioned in the article is the fact that the WEC also offered Reis a contract. Does that mean that Zuffa is no longer waiting on ProElite to completely snuff out before going after it’s fighters? I’d be surprised, but then again who knows what Zuffa is up to half the time. If they’re willing to nearly cut an entire camp of fighters out of the organization, I don’t see why they wouldn’t push ProElite over the cliff by filing breach lawsuits against them on behalf of the fighters.

Oh, and the totally awesome photo above is by none other than super cool Esther Lin.