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Wilson Gouveia has a good suggestion for the unified rules

Punch me again, little girl, and I will show you what I did to Jon Fitch back in 2002.

This Saturday night at UFC 95, Wilson Gouveia is facing the toughest test of his mixed martial arts career when he steps into the Octagon to face former UFC middleweight title challenger Nate “The Great” Marquardt. Gouveia has amassed a 6-2 record in the UFC since his debut for the company in 2006, posting stoppages over the likes of Jason “The Athlete” MacDonald, Jason “D Cup” Lambert, and Seth “I Don’t Think I’m Gay” Petruzelli.

Needless to say, the winner of this fight is going to find himself much closer to a title shot. What’s even more interesting is that this fight is taking place on the same card as Chael Sonnen vs. Demian Maia. That fight might not be determining the best middleweight in the UFC as Sonnen would have you believe, but it will turn the winner into a legitimate contender. Toss in Thales Leites’ title shot, the winner of Bisping vs. Henderson, and Yushin “Red-Headed Step-Child” Okami, and the middleweight division suddenly gets a bit more interesting. Who will emerge at the top of the heap of contenders, only to get utterly obliterated by Anderson Silva? Perhaps a better question is will any of these men be able to last as long with Silva as Patrick Cote did? After all, getting past the first round is practically winning.

Gouveia thinks he can be the man to do it. Talking to Cage Potato, Gouveia shows the heart of a warrior while he inadvertently drops an idea that would surely increase the buy rate of any pay-per-view.

I want to be the champ so bad, if you throw a baseball bat in that Octagon for my opponent to use and beat me with, I’m going to keep fighting and try to win the fight.   Always I’m going to try, because I really believe in myself.

If YAMMA, Strikebox, and XARM can exist in the real world, then why can’t we get weapon matches from time to time? Yeah, such ridiculous stipulations would do ireversible damage to the credibility of the sport —   not to mention potential serious physical injury to the fighters. Once you get past all that, how sweet would it be to see Don Frye vs. Brock Lesnar fight with a bullwhip being completely legal? Or how about about ‘Krazy Horse’ vs. Nick Diaz in a “gun on a pole” match? The upcoming Tank vs. Ken fight would probably benefit from the use of steel chairs, so each guy could not only smash the other in the head but sit and take a breather during rounds. Hopefully somebody in Japan is reading this…