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With tyranny gone, will the UFC return to Cali?

Five Ounces of Pain has an interview up with Sean Sherk covering all sorts of stuff from his steroids trial to his steroids action figure. One thing that really caught my eye (possibly because it was the first thing in the interview and I have ADD) is Sherk basically claiming that the UFC avoided California because they hated working with the CSAC:

Sam Caplan: Did you feel any sense of satisfaction upon hearing that Armando Garcia was going to resign?

Sean Sherk: Yeah, I mean, definitely. There’s no love lost there. That’s definitely music to my ears. I felt he obviously handled my case very, very poorly and he had handled many other fights very poorly. And he handled the UFC poorly.

You know, the UFC hasn’t been back in California since July of ’07, after my fight. UFC 73 was the last time they had been there. Now, if the UFC leaves your state and refuses to come back, there’s a reason for that. So there’s a lot of things going on there and there’s a reason why he resigned. It’s not coincidence; there’s a reason why he resigned and rightfully so.

Dana White was shitting kittens by the end of the CSAC’s case against Sean Sherk … it was delayed about a bazillion times because the commission kept fucking up. While you could attribute the UFC’s reluctant return to Cali on slow ticket sales (Stacked w/ Sean, Tito, and Anderson only did 11,000 paid aka BALLS), you have to figure Sean has talked to Dana a few times on the situation. While I still suspect Sherk is a dirty no good liar on the steroid front, I’m ready to believe him on this front.

So all you California people feeling unloved in ’08, rejoice! Armando Garcia is gone! The tyrant is dead!