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Will Train for Web Design

The ICON guys out in Hawaii are looking for someone to redesign their clothing website, and they’re offering free MMA training for whoever is willing to do it. Their new gym facilities make it seem like a pretty decent deal. Just make sure not to take Chris Leben’s “How to lose to Kalib Starnes” class, I hear it’s pretty lame. If you happen to live in the neighborhood and can string some flash together, email them here: [email protected]

  • Jonathan says:

    I can somewhat use Pagebuilder on Geocities…does that count?

  • Seems better than what they can do with their actual page and their myspace. Did you see the pictures they have for their upcoming Fearless show? Embarrassing!

  • Jonathan says:

    Man…did they airbrush a tumor out of the side of Robbie’s face, or is the pixilation just that bad? I thought for sure that they would find some cool web page dudes out there in Hawaii, and that they could afford to actually PAY them instead of offering some free “training” at their “gym” Sounds like a porn studio setup if you ask me.