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Will Toney bitch out?

Jake Rossen asks an interesting question regarding Couture / Toney: Is James Toney going to quit when the going gets tough?

There are fighters who do not quit, even under circumstances that would make many grown men sob. Hands and limbs can get broken and no one blinks: thanks to muscle memory; some fighters even continue fighting while technically unconscious.

That’s one extreme. The other is fighters who look for the first avenue out as soon as things aren’t going their way. We’ve seen taps as soon as someone gets mounted. Some have quit simply because they were tired, with their opponent standing several feet away.

If Toney seems lackadaisical about the potential for injury on Saturday, that may be because MMA is generous to the courage-deficient. You can quit any time and for any reason, though the majority wait until soft tissue damage has occurred. If Couture begins pounding on Toney from up top, he may not stick around for the entire set. And if he’s submitted, there’s probably a speech in store about Couture not being man enough to stand with him. How serious Toney is as an MMA athlete will not be determined by how hard he attacks, but by how stubborn he is when he can’t.

There’s already been a few boxers who’ve stepped into the cage for the paycheck and showed no problem with tapping as soon as they get dragged down to the ground. Whether Toney follows that trend really depends on how serious he is about using this fight to get back into boxing contention. Oh, and if Randy decided to drop a few elbows through his skull from the guard. Assuming Toney knows what the guard is and is capable of closing his.