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Will they or won’t they?

I’m glad I took the last two days off, because they were bullshit for news. I have to wonder if this is the way it always is, and us hardcore fans are just too wrapped up in the MMA soap opera to realize it. The biggest news was that the bout between Quinton Jackson and ‘that other guy’ wasn’t going to be an actual title match. Meaning the match no one wanted to see just got even more meaningless. Meaning Dana White has started taking hits off Joe Silva’s magic crack pipe.

Speculation has been rampant on what the fuck this means: if this isn’t a unification of the PRIDE and UFC title, then that could mean Zuffa hasn’t given up on running PRIDE as a seperate organization. To me, this whole thing reeks of disorganization. Stephen Quadros is saying that the whole thing was some sort of misunderstanding, and the fight would be for the UFC belt, but not the Pride one. I dunno though … Dana White’s exact comments were as follows:

“No. What we’re doing with that thing is we’re respecting both (the UFC and PRIDE) titles. The UFC title is the UFC champion and we’re respecting Dan as the PRIDE champion. Quinton will walk out with his belt if Dan wins and vice versa.”

This isn’t some kind of potentially misunderstood comment. Dana White made it verbatim on the phone conference, and went into it with detail. Sure, it doesn’t make much sense. But hey, Dana White’s allowed to fuck things up once in a while too, ya know?