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Will the UFC stop Babalu / Mousasi?

I mentioned yesterday that things between Strikeforce and the UFC were about to get ugly, and now we have a glimpse of the first spat between the two:

Coker also dispelled rumors floating around that the UFC may prevent the Mousasi-Babalu fight from happening. As rumor has it, the UFC sent Strikeforce a cease and desist in regards to the fight. Coker didn’t deny they received the C&D, but he was confident it would take place as scheduled.

While Babalu and Mousasi both have contracts with Strikeforce, they also have contracts with Affliction … contracts which could now be owned by Zuffa and it’s gang of lawyers. I’m not sure what angle the UFC is trying to use to try and fuck with the Babalu / Mousasi fight, but I don’t like it. Affliction Trilogy being cancelled was already a kick in the balls to MMA fans, and losing Babs / Mous over some Fedor related interpromotional pissing match would suck balls.