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Will the UFC let Pulver fight at 145?

From his interview with Sam Caplan on fighting at 145:

It’s definitely a weight class I can compete at, but you know, I’ll go where the UFC tells me to go. If I beat B.J. Penn and they want me to fight in the UFC, OK. But yeah, if they give me the freedom and the choice then I’m definitely going to go to the WEC, for sure. I’d love to be at 145. That’s my weight class. Especially now, there are some tanks! There are some big, big people going to 155. That’s too much work! I’d rather just be at 145, now I can be happy.

While everyone is always saying the lightweight division is the most exciting, it’s also missing star power at the moment. With BJ Penn adamant that he’s gonna go back up in weight after a few fights, the UFC really needs someone like Jens to be the superstar of the division. On the other hand, how much good is Jens Pulver if he keeps on getting tooled by ‘lightweights’ that come into the cage weighing over 170 pounds?

  • Jonathan says:

    I don’t count his losses to higher weight fighters (10lbs) as upsets as much as him getting hit with a clean shot. Jens would get knocked out if a a guy 135 lbs. hit him or if a guy 160 lbs. hit him. He leaves himself open ALOT and he has gotten hit his fair share of times.

  • Mike O says:

    i have not been impressed with jens in recent years. he fights like a boxer instead of an MMA fighter.

  • Erin says:

    I’d like to see Jens go down to 145. While there isn’t a lot of big names right now in the UFC 155 division, there is a whole lotta talent that can become “names” in the next couple of years. Meanwhile Faber vs. Pulver at 145 would be fantastic.