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Will the CSAC allow Yvel to fight?

Now that we’re all done slamming the retarded matchup between Josh Barnett and Gilbert Yvel at Affliction’s second event, let’s take a look at the practicality of it actually happening. Yvel was denied a liscence to fight in Nevada based off his history of doing all sorts of crazy illegal shit in the ring, and now it looks like the CSAC will be looking over his record very carefully too.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Yvel’s history and why it’s such a big deal to let him fight, check out this article by Jake Rossen that walks you through the A – Z of Gilbert’s past transgressions:

The rap sheet:

vs. Karimula Barkalaev in 1998: Yvel was disqualified for biting his opponent.

vs. Dan Henderson in 2000: Yvel landed a calculated elbow on Henderson directly behind the ear while Henderson was working for a takedown.

vs. Don Frye in 2001: Yvel repeatedly gouged Frye’s eyes, was eventually disqualified and placed his hands on the referee.

vs. Atte Backman in 2004: Yvel assaulted the referee by knocking him to the ground and then kicking his hapless frame into unconsciousness.

vs. The Nevada State Athletic Commission in 2007: Yvel was denied a fighter’s license for competing in the state after commissioners evaluated his prior behavior.

The funny thing here is that just last month when Armando Garcia was in charge, Gilbert Yvel would probably have gotten the green light to compete. This was, of course, the same guy that cleared Mike Kyle to fight. But with Bill Douglas in charge now working his ass off to create a very clear split from the CSAC’s troubled past, I’m betting the commission will make the less controversial decision to keep Yvel off the card.

So … who do you think Affliction will drudge up for Barnett to fight once Yvel is denied?