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Will Rampage’s head issues strike again?

Everyone was asking it before his last fight so I’m a bit surprised that no one has brought it up this time around: Is Quinton Jackson all right in the head? Going up against Wanderlei Silva, he was facing a headgame triple threat: Rampage had already lost twice to the Axe Murderer and he was just coming off a mental breakdown that resulted in multiple charges pressed against him. If these things were affecting Jackson we never got to see it … after a few minutes of feeling eachother out, Jackson knocked Silva the fuck out and that was that.

Still, you never really know for sure which Jackson will turn up to fight. Word recently came out that he didn’t take Forrest seriously and had a terrible training camp. And lets not forget the times he lost focus because he was born again. Sure, 9 times out of 10 Jackson will come in fit and ready to kick some ass. But every so often he comes out looking like shit and loses fights he probably should have won.

So I’m not too worried that the memories of his summer rampage are going to mess with his head. I’m just worried that whatever caused him to snap in the first place is going to surface again. Maybe it’ll happen this weekend, probably not. But you never know with Rampage.